October 2014 had just ended not too long ago, it’s been a very busy month, 17 days away from Singapore for business/work trip in Taiwan and China. While it had been a fruitful and learning work experience, the fatigue level arising from work travel can be pretty high. Coming back from a long work trip and back to my home and office desk, I am playing catch up with work matters and personal (social media/blogging/admin) matters.

It’s an interesting experience to be chased by work and personal matters, time to prioritise which thing to strike off from my to-clear-list as soon as possible, thus allowing me to concentrate on doing my work better and getting myself back to photography, documenting and writing. Moving ahead, I am looking at the need to travel more regularly for business/work trips.

While I am slowly learning the ropes of the new industry that I am working in, I am also looking towards my personal holiday coming at the end of November 2014! Just a short recap and I am now re-starting my writing on my personal blog and photography site! Having lesser time on photography and writing, I have to be more selective on my articles and sharing.

Do stay tuned for more interesting articles and posts coming soon!

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