About Me

Geng Hui’s the owner and creative mind behind his blog and photography services company, namely www.tangenghui.com and www.tghphotography.com . His areas of expertise and blogging interest mainly lie in technology: enterprise and consumer based, such as cyber-security, blockchain and cryptocurrency. 

Geng Hui also dabbles in business, mostly in the areas of economics, trading and social media marketing. Aside from those, Geng Hui provides various services such as digital marketing, forex trading and commercial photography, with the aim to please, and add more services to his repertoire in time.

GengHui’s Technology and Business Portal/Blog: https://www.tangenghui.com/ 

Photography portfolio: https://www.tghphotography.com/

TGH Photography Portal/Blog: https://blog.photojournalist-tgh.tv/