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Do you often hear people, friends and loved ones telling you that you have tremendous potential and possesses great gifts ? However, how often do we fail to live up to their expectations and our expectations ? What is really holding us back to be the best that we can be ?

Well, there is always a thing called self-doubt, lack of self-confidence, excessive fear that could hold back a person’s potential to excel and releasing the genius in them. Therefore, in life, we failed at times and in the quest to be a financial genius, it requires both strong technical knowledge and courage.

There were always people who were skeptical and having double standards about achieving financial genius. Are you one of those people who wanted to achieve financial freedom yet does not take any necessary actions to do it instead of spending like no tomorrow ? Would you like to have more options in your life with your financial genius ?

The era now is exciting and a period of great growth in many areas, wealth, information and internet expansion are a few selected strong areas of growth. Are you inside it or staying away from it ? Or are you still clinging on to your old ideas that worked for you before and will not bother to change for the future ? Is this the reason for your struggle financially ? Are you limiting your options by hanging to your old ideas ?

Do you work hard, save hard ? Or work hard, spend hard, don’t save, wait for your lucky stars to shine on lottery to strike ? Few people realised that luck is created and so is money. If we always wait for the “right” thing to happen (luck), we would be waiting for a very long time.

The single most powerful asset is our mind, with training and guidance, by developing our financial intelligence, it can create huge amounts of wealth for a lifetime. Which method would you choose –

  1. Work hard, pay taxes, spend a lot, save whatever left behind
  2. Take the time to develop financial intelligence and harness the power of your brain and the asset column

In my earlier post, do you recall what are the 4 financial skills required ? They are –

  1. Financial Literacy
  2. Investment Strategies
  3. Understanding the Market
  4. The Law

With the above combination of skills, we would be on track to achieve our financial freedom and be successful in the pursuit of your wealth. It is important that we must always plant seeds in our asset column, start small, plant seeds, some would grow, some don’t.

Great opportunities are not seen with our eyes, they are seen with our mind. There is still a lot to learn, however, with a great understanding of risks and learning how to manage the risks instead of avoiding it, you will be able to reap huge rewards down the journey you have chosen.

Adapted and reviewed from Chapter Six – Lesson Five : The Rich Invent Money, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki.

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