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UNBOXED – Singtel 24/7 Unmanned Pop-Up Store

A roving modular movable unmanned pop-up store in Singapore that gives you a new age retail shopping experience for your mobile phone, technology and accessories. This is UNBOXED – Singtel 24/7 Unmanned Pop-Up Store in Singapore. Is this the future of retail shopping in Singapore and around the world?

This concept is interesting, showcasing Singtel’s constant challenge and improvements to their retail shopping experience in a challenging retail market amidst changing shopping and retail patterns around the world, not just in Singapore. For customers who are used to online order purchases, having a pop up store nearby to their office is really handy and convenient for them to collect during meal times or after work.

Let me share more details on UNBOXED – Singtel 24/7 Unmanned Pop-Up Store

UNBOXED is an unmanned 24/7 pop-up store that is modular and extendable, and will move to a new location every few months

An unmanned 24/7 pop-up store designed to introduce customers to a new retail experience featuring the convenience of digital technology in a friendly store environment. 

In a first for Singapore, customers can consult with a roving live bot, which is powered by facial recognition technology, to receive personalised recommendations; try out phones; conveniently sign up for mobile plans at video-assisted self-serve kiosks; and immediately collect their purchased devices from the in-store POPStation. Additionally, customers can browse and buy popular accessories such as headphones, phone cases, power banks and contract-free handsets. They can also make bill payments, top up prepaid cards and Dash wallets, and get instant SIM card replacements. 

“The future of retail is here and now. Our digital transformation integrates online and offline customer touchpoints to deliver fresh and fuss-free buying experiences to consumers. UNBOXED fulfils the needs of today’s consumer and provides a peek into the next-generation of retail – fast, instant, convenient and experiential,” said Mr Yuen Kuan Moon, CEO of Consumer Singapore at Singtel. 

Currently based in the CBD at 20 Pickering Street, the pop-up store is modular and movable. Measuring 45 square metres when fully extended, it can be easily transported and reconfigured to fit different spaces. The store will move to a new location every few months to serve customers at high-traffic areas such as transport hubs and school campuses. 

From left: Mr Chia Wee Boon, CEO of NCS, Ms Gan Siok Hoon, Vice President of Mobile Marketing & Sales at Singtel, Mr Yuen Kuan Moon, CEO of Consumer Singapore at Singtel, Mr Vincent Phang, CEO (Postal Services and Singapore) at SingPost and Mr Ng Kuo Pin, Deputy CEO of NCS, at the launch of UNBOXED by Singtel

Co-created by Singtel staff, NCS and SingPost, security for the store is provided by NCS which developed a round-the-clock security platform called Sentinel while the POPStation lockers are prefilled with devices and replenished daily using SingPost’s Last Mile Platform (“LaMP”). 

“We are glad that Singtel is the first retailer on the Sentinel platform. Our state-of-the-art remote security platform ensures that UNBOXED can stay truly unmanned while offering a highly secure shopping environment for consumers,” said Mr Chia Wee Boon, CEO of NCS. 

“SingPost is pleased to have Singtel as the first retailer on the LaMP platform. This will supercharge SingPost’s existing suite of services by integrating and synergising the entire delivery process, giving consumers and retailers a level of flexibility never before seen in the industry. We are delighted to collaborate with Singtel and look forward to unboxing the future of retail together,” said Mr Vincent Phang, CEO (Postal Services and Singapore) for SingPost. 


UNBOXED builds on the success of the digital transformation of Singtel’s flagship Comcentre store. It offers one of the most intelligent retail experiences in Asia, featuring an intelligent WiFi queuing system, integrated online and in-store shopping carts, and instant purchases via automated checkout. The store consistently receives an average of 99% positive customer experience scores and has won multiple accolades for its innovative approach to retail. 

* Information and pictures courtesy of Singtel