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LG 2021 Soundbars lineup

LG Electronics (LG) Singapore recently launched their LG 2021 soundbars lineup. The new LG 2021 soundbar models deliver a more premium experience, versatility and convenient control while upping the ante with eco-conscious and eco-friendly designs and packaging.

The new LG 2021 soundbars lineup offers high quality audio, easy connectivity, smart functionality and stylish aesthetics with a modern look that is designed to complement LG’s stunning TVs and they blends in well with any decoration.

Consistent Surround Sound Experience with AI Sound Pro

The new LG 2021 soundbars lineup has a new feature this year, they allow users to take advantage of LG TV’s AI Sound Pro feature. Audio from the TV is played through the soundbar via TV Sound Mode Share, delivering the superior audio processing power of AI Sound Pro on the more capable speakers of the new soundbars. LG’s soundbars now offer all of the same sound modes as its latest TVs, allowing users to easily switch between the soundbar and the TV using the TV remote.

Seamless Pairing with Voice Assistant

The LG 2021 soundbars lineup is compatible with multiple voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Siri (1). It is now easier than ever to control devices and play one’s favourite music from compatible devices and services. There is also support for Apple AirPlay 2, customers can stream, control, and share their favourite music and media content directly from their Apple iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Superior Acoustics Quality Calibrated for Any Space

LG soundbars inherit all the strengths from their predecessors with many of the new models featuring Meridian Audio tuning and Meridian technology, when in Music Mode fro an exceptionally authentic listening experience. There is a new feature, Meridian Horizon technology, this is the result of LG’s long term partnership with Meridian Audio (2). This innovation up-mixes two channel stereo content into immersive, multichannel audio to provide audiences with a truly immersive listening experience regardless of their position or location in the room.

All the 2021 soundbars from LG support Dolby Atmos and DTS:X for dynamic three-dimensional audio. With Dolby Vision compatibility via 4K pass-through, the new models ensure the level of picture and sound quality needed for genuinely cinematic home viewing. LG’s soundbars also combine up-firing front height channels with wireless rear up-firing height channels to envelop users in lush, textured sound.

Many of the new models are Hi-Res Audio certified, insuring lossless playback at 24bit/96kHz with all the vibrancy and nuance of the original studio recording. Upgraded user convenience and easy connectivity are built into the 2021 LG Soundbar lineup with HDMI eARC support enabling a higher bitrate, high resolution content and uncompressed Dolby Atmos® audio with just one cable, while USB playback and Bluetooth streaming offer more convenient ways for users to enjoy their favorite audio content on the latest models.

LG’s sophisticated AI features further elevate the user experience. AI Room Calibration offers optimal sound in any environment, using spatial awareness technology to measure a room’s dimensions then customizing the soundbar’s audio settings in accordance with the specific characteristics of the space. AI Sound Pro uses adaptive sound control to automatically adjust frequency range and sound field extension, depending on which genre of content the user is watching: news, music or cinema.

Sustainability starts at Home

The world has shown a greater concern for the environment and consumer support for companies and products that demonstrate a genuine commitment to sustainability. LG’s latest 2021 soundbars are designed with the health of the planet in mind, from the production processes to the materials and packaging used.

LG in its effort towards a sustainable future, they are taking a more eco-minded approach to product development, packaging and shopping of its 2021 soundbars, designing the first audio products in the industry to receive SGS Eco Product Certification. For many soundbar model cases, LG replaced materials used in previous models with recycled materials. The SP7Y soundbar is the first model featuring jersey fabric made of recycled PET bottles.  Certified as Global Recycled Standard-compliant and UL environmental claim validated, each SP7Y soundbar means almost seven fewer plastic bottles are occupying landfills.

To reduce environmental impact and waste even further, LG adopted a friendlier packaging for its entire soundbar lineup. Using mainly recycled molded pulp and far less EPS foam and plastic, the packaging has earning Eco Product certification from Societe Generale de Surveillance (SGS), a respected provider of testing, inspection and certification services based in Geneva, Switzerland (3).  To receive this designation, the soundbars were deemed by SGS to have minimal environmental impact as they emit less air pollutants, contain few hazardous substances and provide a high degree of recyclability. What’s more, the packaging is designed in an “L” shape so more units can fit in fewer trucks, which means lower carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, a crucial part of achieving environmental sustainability.

Pricing and Availability

The new LG Soundbar models including SP11RA, SP9YA, SP8YA, SP7Y and SPD7Y will be available from early May at major retailers including Audio House, Best Denki, Courts, Gain City, Harvey Norman, Parisilk and Mega Discount Store.

The retail recommended retail price for the LG Soundbar models SP11RA, SP9YA, SP8YA, SP7Y and SPD7Y are in the specifications table below.


Recommended Retail Price (S$) S$2,499 S$1,599 S$1,099 S$699 S$899
Sound Total wattage 770W 520W 440W 440W 380W
Channels 7.1.4 5.1.2 3.1.2 5.1 3.1.2
Rear Speakers Rear &


Optional (SPK8) Optional (SPK8) Optional (SPK8) Optional (SPK8)
Dolby Atmos/ DTS:X Y Y Y DTS:X Virtual Y
Meridian Horizon Technology Audio and Meridian Audio (Music Mode) Y Y Y Y Y
Hi-Resolution Audio Y Y Y Y Y
AI Room Calibration Y Y Y
AI Sound Pro Y Y Y Y Y
Convenience eARC Y Y Y ARC Y
4K Pass-Through with

Dolby Vision Support

Works with Google Assistant, AirPlay 2 Y Y Y
LG TV Synergy TV Sound Mode Share, Sound Bar

Mode Control

Eco Eco Product (SGS) Y Y Y Y


(1) Models SP11RA, SP9YA, SP8YA are compatible with multiple voice assistants

(2) Models SP11RA, SP9YA, SP8YA, SP7Y, SPD7Y feature Meridian Horizon

(3) Models SP11RA, SP9YA, SP8YA, SP7Y are certified as Eco Products by SGS

* Information and pictures courtesy of LG Electronics Singapore and Asia PR Werkz *

LG GX Soundbar

LG Electronics (LG) recently announced their newest soundbar, the LG GX soundbar that is designed to complement the LG GX Gallery OLED series TV. This LG GX soundbar not only delivers an exceptional home entertainment experience, it has a new level of spatial and stylistic integration with the LG GX Gallery TVs.

The LG GX soundbar measures 15H x 144.6W x 3.25D cm, it is identical to the width and finish to the 65-inch LG GX Gallery series TV. This would make this soundbar the perfect visual companion to the artistic LG GX Gallery series, they can be mounted either flush on the wall directly under the TV or supported using the included sturdy steel stand. At the core of LG’s gallery design is the philosophy of a complete TV system that can fit harmoniously within a given space – a concept LG’s designers refer to as “adding spatial value.”

LG GX soundbar delivers superior sound thanks to Dolby Atmos and DTX:S for remarkable three-dimensional audio. The speaker is Dolby Vision compatible via 4K pass-through, enabling the best possible picture and sound quality for truly cinematic home viewing. The included subwoofer connects wirelessly to the soundbar to deliver low-frequency bass from anywhere in the room and adding LG’s wireless rear speaker kit (model SPK8, sold separately) delivers even more power and a greater sense of immersion.

The soundbar delivers upgraded user convenience and easy connectivity options including enhanced audio return channel (eARC) and Bluetooth. With its higher bandwidth, eARC provides the full richness of high-resolution audio formats such as Dolby True HD and DTS Master Audio while Bluetooth facilitates effortless, ultra quality streaming from a smartphone or tablet.

LG GX soundbar is Hi-Res Audio certified, offering lossless playback at 24bit/96kHz with greater vibrancy and nuance. The speaker produces detailed, natural sound when playing high-resolution audio files or when up-converting conventional audio formats. The built-in LG AI Sound Pro feature analyzes and automatically applies the best sound settings regardless of the content, ensuring maximum listening enjoyment every time.

Pricing and Availability

The new LG GX soundbar is coming soon later in the month of July 2020 in Europe, North America, Asia as well as other key markets. Please check with your local retailers for price and exact date of availability.

* Information and picture courtesy of LG Electronics Singapore and Asia PR Werkz *

LG 2019 Soundbars

LG Electronics recently announced their new and latest soundbars for the year 2019. The soundbar is a good addition to your home entertainment system partnering your OLED or UHD TV, giving you a more surround, stereo and better sound effects and experiences for your home entertainment system.

The latest LG soundbars are modern, stylish, sophisticated and delivers superior sound quality through a collaboration with Meridian Audio. For audiophiles, the soundbars would definitely be of interest to you! Having a soundbar at home enhances your home entertainment experience and enjoyment.

Let me share more information on the LG 2019 Soundbars –

“LG’s 2019 range of soundbars offer great sounds to enjoy, with multiple connectivity options to suit any kind of home setup,” says Hosik Kim, Product Director, LG Home Entertainment. “From AI connectivity to DTS Virtual:X and Chromecast features, the soundbars offer a superb, convenient user experience, all while being stylish statements for the modern space.”

A Transcendent Partnership with Meridian Audio

Working closely with Meridian, LG continues to improve sound quality across its product portfolio, extending its refined technology to three soundbar models (SL10YG, SL9YG and SL8YG) this year. The collaboration goes far beyond basic fine-tuning or the adoption of feature-sets, with both brands joining forces to engineer sound delivery for a truly unrivalled listening experience.Drawing on 25 years of experience as the masters of Digital Signal Processing, Meridian’s Bass & Space technology improves the soundstage with coherent image and strong bass. Together with its Image Elevation technology designed to lift the soundstage in a more lifelike way to boost listeners’ sense of immersion, Meridian creates a true cinematic space, delivering powerful surround sound like no other.

Able to up-mix two-channel audio to multiple, distinct channels without generating any distortion while maintaining tonal balance, the Meridian Upmix technology increases sound immersion, improving the sound field and upgrades the clarity of vocals and lead instruments.

Dolby Atmos®Soundbars for Immersive Sounds

LG’s high-end soundbars (models SL10YG, SL9YG and SL8YG) support both Dolby Atmos®and DTS:X. With these two acclaimed technologies on board, users can enjoy breathtakingly realistic surround sound that seems to come from multiple directions and depths. Moreover, some of LG’s new premium soundbar products support high-resolution audio and have an advanced processing algorithm that can upscale conventional file formats, bringing them closer to studio-quality. To bolster the already solid output and detailed soundscape of LG’s latest soundbars, users can add the Wireless Rear Speaker Kit*

In Tune with Smart Living

In addition to superior sound combining power with clarity and richness, the new Dolby Atmos®soundbars offer the convenience of AI smart connectivity and voice recognition with the Google Assistant built-in. Users can control their LG soundbars and get information, simply by saying, “Hey Google, increase the volume,” or, “Hey Google, which artist is playing this song?” Furthermore, compatibility with Google Assistant-enabled smart products make it possible to control connected devices throughout the home via voice command. Simply say, “Hey Google, ask LG to turn on the air purifier,” to the soundbar to make adjustments without leaving the couch.

Sophisticated Design for Stylish Homes

The 2019 LG Dolby Atmos® soundbars have a sleek, understated design that perfectly matches the chic style of LG’s exceptional OLED TVs, creating a seamless union when placed beneath one of the company’s next-generation TVs. At only 57mm deep, the LG SL9YG can also be installed flush to the wall for a clean, streamlined appearance that saves space and makes a sophisticated statement. An integrated gyroscope sensor gauges the position of the product (fixed to a wall or on a flat surface), adjusting sound directionality to guarantee the optimal listening experience. With its distinctive form, LG’s game-changing SL9YG picked up a Best of Innovation honor at the 2019 CES Innovation Awards.

Different Solutions to Suit Different Needs

Besides the Dolby Atmos®Soundbars,other models include a Wi-Fi Soundbar (SL7Y), and Bluetooth Soundbars (SL6YF, SL5Y and SL4). The SL7Y, SL6YF and SL5Y come with DTS Virtual:X. Utilizing three front speakers and a subwoofer, DTS technology creates an immersive sound that surrounds the user. Thanks to the SL7Y’s built-in Chromecast feature, users can stream all the music they love. Simply open a cast-enabled app, tap the cast button and the soundbar will stream the tracks.

For more information, please visit:https://www.lg.com/sg/home-audio

* Information courtesy of LG Electronics Singapore and Brand Cellar *

LG HE Promo 2019 (till 5th May)

In one of my earlier articles, I shared about LG IT Fiesta 2019 taking place till 5th May 2019, now I would like to add on and share with my readers, the LG Home Entertainment (HE) Promotion 2019 that is taking place together with the LG IT Fiesta 2019! If you missed the recent Q1 LG @ IT Show 2019 event, don’t worry about it! Time to check out LG HE Promo 2019 till 5th May!

If you are looking for the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV and Sound Bar, check out the promotions below:

If you are looking for OLED TV, SUPER UHD TV, UHD TV, check out the promotions below

Do take note on some the attractive LG HE promotions:

1)    Purchase the 77” C8 OLED TV and receive free gifts worth $1,095
–    2D1N Staycation @ Fullerton Hotel (2 Pax) & In-Home Massage Therapy By Outcall Spa (Total Worth up to $895)
–    Free Delivery & Installation (Worth up to $200)
2)    Purchase the 55” B8 OLED TV and receive free gifts worth $900
–    $500 Pre-paid Mastercard
–    $200 Grocery Voucher
–    Free Delivery & Installation (Worth up to $200)

Do spread this great shopping promotion news with your family, relatives and friends! Pay it forward and pass it on! Happy shopping with LG Home Entertainment Promotion!

* Information and pictures courtesy of LG Electronics Singapore and Brand Cellar *

LG Red Fair to Celebrate CNY 2019 !

The new year 2019 has started and we are just a few weeks away from Chinese Lunar New Year 2019 on 5th and 6th February 2019. While some of you folks are doing spring cleaning for your home, some of you folks would also be looking at upgrading and changing new home appliances, TV and home entertainment or IT solutions and gadgets during this coming festive season. If you haven’t gotten your Christmas 2018 shopping, now is also the time to check out the list of promotions and deals from LG!

Introducing the LG Red Fair, featuring the best of LG innovations, perfect for this upcoming festive Chinese Lunar New Year 2019, or even backlog Christmas 2018 shopping wish list that haven’t been fulfilled. If you a techie and you are also planning to change and upgrade your gadgets, no look further than LG Red Fair! LG Red Fair is now on till 11th February 2019, you can continue shopping even during the Chinese Lunar New Year 2019 festive period!

I have attached the brochures below for easy reference and reading! There is something for everybody, from the techies, to fans of home entertainment and for the family with choices of home appliances.

LG TV and Home Entertainment 

For Techies – LG Monitors and LG gram

LG gram Laptop Promotions:

Purchase the LG gram Z980 models and receive all these free gifts worth a total of S$485.90:

gram Model Gifts
 LG gram Z980
(comes in 15”, 14” and 13” with fingerprint ID)
·       Office 365 1-year subscription worth S$109

·       Trend Micro Anti-virus 1-year subscription worth S$39.90

·       LG laptop sleeve worth S$39

·       LG Tone Plus Headset (HBS-910) worth S$149

·       1 + 1 Warranty worth S$149

LG Monitor Promotions:

Enjoy freebies on selected LG monitors such as LG Tone Plus Headset and gift vouchers worth up to $149.

Monitor Model Gifts
38WK95C, 34UC99,
34WK650, 29WK600
LG Tone Plus Headset (HBS-910) worth S$149
32UK550 Choice gift vouchers worth $100

LG Home Appliances 

More Gifts with Bundle Purchases:

Get even more bang for your buck when you purchase selected products from the various Home Appliance bundles:

Hygiene Bundle:

Purchase two eligible LG products in the hygiene bundle*from any two separate product categories, and receive an additional S$100 grocery voucher.

Product Category Product Model*
Refrigerator GF-Q6018MT, GF-M6017BM, GS-X6011NS, GS-M6262NS, GS-X6018MT, GS-Q6278MT, GS-Q6278NS, GT-M5967BL, GT-T5107BM, GT-M5097PZ, GT-D4417BL, GT-M4807PZ, GT-B4387PZ, GB-B4451GV, GM-B3031PZ

Main Washer

F2721HTWV, F2718RVTV, FG1612H3W, FG1612S3W, FG1410H3W, FG1410S3W, TWC1409H2E, TWC1409S2W, TWC1408H3E

Mini Washer

Washing Machine T2516SSAVT, T2313SSAV, T2112SSAV, WFT1181DD
Styler S3WF, S3RF
Dryer TD-H90WD
Vacuum VR66820VMNC, VR65710LVMP, VS8606SWM,

VS8401SCW, VS8404SCW, VR94070NCAQ

Microwave Oven MJ3965BGS
Quadwash Dishwasher DFB425FP

Classic Bundle:

Purchase two eligible LG products in the classic bundle**from any two separate product categories, and receive an additional S$50 grocery voucher.

Product Category Product Model**
Refrigerator GS-L6012PZ, GS-B6267GV, GS-B6263PZ, GB-B5191PZ

Main Washer

Washing Machine WFT1081DD

LG Home Bundle Deal:

  • Purchase one product from the Hygiene Bundle*and one product from the Classic Bundle**to receive additional S$50 grocery voucher.
  • Purchase the LG TWINWashTMset (main washer with mini washer), with one more product from a different category, and receive an additional S$50 grocery voucher.

For the full details of the LG Red Fair promotions, please visit http://www.lg.com/sg/promotions

* Terms and conditions apply.

* Information and pictures courtesy of LG Electronics Singapore and Brand Cellar *