The move towards 5G in Singapore has taken a huge step forward recently on 24th June 2020, placing Singapore on track to offer 5G coverage by 2025. Having covered 5G and its developments in Singapore in the past few years, it was great to hear this 5G news announcement and development. TPG Telecom also announced on 24th June 2020 that they have successfully acquired 5G mmWave spectrum rights in both 26GHz and 28GHz bands made available by IMDA.

With the 5G mmWave spectrum rights, this will allow TPG Telecom to roll out next generation 5G services in support of new consumer and enterprise markets in Singapore. For the 26GHZ band, it is predominantly used in China and Europe while the 28Ghz band is more commonly found in Japan and the USA. With spectrum rights in both bands, TPG will be able to tap into the wider

TPG Telecom is an active member of TIP (Telecoms Infrastructure Project) and will leverage the extensive OpenRAN vendor community along with Huawei’s advanced network equipment for the optimal implementation of novel 5G services in Singapore. The existing TPG Telecom network is extensive and easily upgradeable allowing for close tracking to the new 3GPP 5G standards as they evolve. network and device ecosystem for its 5G deployment.

“With 800MHz of mmWave spectrum, we can deliver the true potential of 5G services and drive innovation and competition” said Richard Tan, Acting CEO and General Manager of TPG Telecom Pte Ltd.

“5G mmWave provides the multi-gigabit throughput that users are expecting from 5G. Furthermore, we will be able to offer slicing of network resources into dedicated pools for security and assured service levels. In anticipation of these advances, we have rapidly upskilled our in-house engineering resources and this puts us in good stead to roll out exciting new services in support of Singapore’s Digital Transformation. We intend to work closely with our industry partners for the benefit of Singapore.”

With the impending arrival of 5G in Singapore, this is going to shape and change our digital workplace transformation. It would be interesting to see how fast and big the our digital transformation would be in the very near future.

* Information courtesy of TPG Telecom and GLOO PR *

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