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Zero1 is first MNVO to launch 5G in Singapore - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

Zero1, a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), is the first MNVO to launch 5G services in Singapore. They now join Singtel, M1 and StarHub as the only telecommunications companies in Singapore to offer 5G mobile plans. If you are planning to have more options for your 5G mobile plans, there is Zero1 MVNO 5G services for you to check out.

Zero1 employs 5G (1) technology to deliver an exceptional, 5G connected experience. Zero1’s 5G service delivers up to 1Gbps download speeds and is up to 10 times faster than 4G with supported 5G mobile phones. Furthermore, Zero1’s service offers over 95% 5G coverage of the island on launch day.

The two new plans, 60u 5G and 90u 5G, are tailored to provide customers with the best aspects of a 5G service–quality data connectivity, superior bandwidth, and lower latency–wherever they may be in Singapore.

On top of faster speeds and comprehensive coverage, Zero1 customers can rest assured that they will always stay connected with zero limits on data usage. Once they have exceeded the data cap on their plans, they will continue to have access to data at reduced but usable speeds; more importantly, there are no excess charges.

Stuart Tan, CEO and Founder, Zero1, said: “Zero1 takes a zero-compromise approach towards user experience, which is why we offer unlimited data for users who exceed their data cap. With the launch of our 5G network service, we are able to elevate our customers’ experience to the next level with improved download speeds.”

Zero1 5G Price Plans

From now till 31st December 2022, Zero1 has competitively priced 5G plans for you to choose from. Starting from $22.90 (U.P. $24.90) for 60GB of data and $29.90 (U.P. $31.90) for 90GB of data.

Customers who sign up during this period will enjoy this special introductory price for the first 12 months from the point of purchase (2). They will also receive an extra 10GB of free data for 3 months.

Zero1 60u 5G

Zero1 90u 5G

$22.90 /month (U.P. $24.90)

$29.90 /month (U.P. $31.90)

60GB Unlimited Data

(+ 10GB for 3 months launch promo)

90GB Unlimited Data

(+ 10GB for 3 months launch promo)

500 minutes Talk time

(outgoing, local)

800 minutes Talk time
(outgoing, local)

Free incoming calls

Free incoming calls

500 SMS (outgoing, local)

800 SMS (outgoing, local)

Free incoming SMS

Free incoming SMS

Free Caller ID

Free Caller ID

Introductory offer of $22.90 for 12 months

Introductory offer of $29.90 for 12 months


(1) Zero1 employs Non-Standalone (NSA) technology for its 5G networks.

(2) Prices of 60u 5G and 90u 5G plans will revert to $24.90 per month and $31.90 per month respectively after 12 months of usage.

* Information and picture courtesy of Zero1 and Gloo *

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