In order to sell yourself successfully, it depends a lot on your attitude towards others and the attitude towards others would depend on the attitude towards yourself.

The key point is that the real product is YOU, not the things or products you are selling and that is the key attitude you must develop and always hold.

Everybody is a consumer, whenever we go out to buy something that we need. Imagine two different salesperson, offering you similar deals, not much difference. Would you buy from the salesperson that sells only the product or do you buy from the salesperson that not only sells the product but also sells himself/herself ?

You Know the Answer above…………….

A strong belief and change in attitude to, “I am going to be a winner selling myself”, this would help you to kick start your route to success. To sell yourself more successfully, there might be a need to change your attitudes, positive and negative attitudes, constructive and destructive attitudes, broad and narrow.

There are THREE basic rules to develop more positive attitudes –

  1. Widen your outlook
  2. Turn yourself around
  3. Use your think-power

By widening your outlook, you would look at life and through what glasses. How you look at life is the way you look to others, to be successful in selling yourself to others and your endeavor, the key action is to widen your outlook towards people, places and events.

We need to discover new things and see things in proper perspective and with that, we need to widen our outlook. Outlook means looking outward, not inward, embracing others and ceasing to be self-centred. We must and need to see life bigger than yourself. There are two sides to every coin and are you looking at both sides, and understand the viewpoints from both sides ?

Turning yourself around, by more than 180 degrees, having a complete turnabout, a change in the course of your life, only with a 180 degree turn, it heads you in the complete opposite direction of your negativism and defeatism, turning from failure to success. Make a commitment to change when you turn yourself 180 degrees away from the negatives and head towards the positives.

The think-power, is very powerful, the ingredients to developing positive attitudes, selling yourself more successfully and leading towards the higher degree. You can fill your head with negative thoughts, get discouraged and nothing is done in the end or you can fill your head with positive thoughts with just a change in your entire attitude towards yourself and others.

Others see us as we see ourselves – and think ourselves to be.

With that, there is a very important daily exercise that you need to do everyday, these mental exercises to develop your think-power

  1. Think of yourself as SUCCESSFUL
  2. Think of yourself as LOVING
  3. Think of yourself as ATTRACTIVE
  4. Think of yourself as FRIENDLY
  5. Think of yourself as HELPFUL
  6. Think of yourself as GENEROUS
  7. Think of yourself as CONTORL
  8. Think of yourself as STRONG
  9. Think of yourself as COURAGEOUS
  10. Think of yourself as OPTIMISTIC
  11. Think of yourself as AFFLUENT
  12. Think of yourself as HAVING PEACE OF MIND


Attitudes can be changed, think positively, have faith in yourself. Believe that good is coming to you. You are the Best !

(Adapted from “How to SELL Yourself”, Chapter FOUR: Developing Positive Attitudes, by Joe Girard)

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