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9 Rejection Reasons by Blogging Fusion

If you are into blogging on a more serious basis (not necessarily full time) and using the WordPress platform, submitting to blog search engines is an essential tool, service and platform that we bloggers would utilise. Being taught blogging on my own domain name and hosting, submission to blog search engines has been done for my 2 blogs, the other blog being my photoblog.

Just to share with you bloggers, on my recent rejection by Blogging Fusion for my photojournalist blog, the reasons are listed below (do read them thoroughly)

We are unable to approve your site ‘,’ at this time.


1) You have not added the reciprocal linkback to

2) The link to is in an appropriate spot and must reside in the *sidebar* or *footer*. The link must not reside in a post!

3. The blog ‘Photojournalist ! Aspiring Photojournalist in Travel, Events & Sports Photography!’ had inappropriate content / adult or pornagraphic material. ~ Total and utmost unbelievable rejection reason! ! Does photography, travel and events writing equals inappropriate content ?

4. The submitted is not the reciprocal blog, and is not permitted. Links must reside from the blog being submitted and not an alternate URL.

5. Photojournalist ! Aspiring Photojournalist in Travel, Events & Sports Photography! is brand new and doesn’t have enough content to make it truly valuable at this time, please resubmit once your blog has content and act lease 3 months worth of content. ~ The blog was born on 10th April 2006, although the migration to this new domain name and hosting just passed 3 months. 

6. The blog Photojournalist ! Aspiring Photojournalist in Travel, Events & Sports Photography!, doesn’t have an english version.Remedy: Add Google Translater / Babblefish ~ Totally shocking, unbelievable , did they visit my photoblog before writing this reason down ?

7. You did not include a blog discription for your blog listing!

8. The blog submitted redirects, to another page or site. This is not permitted, or maybe you are unaware due to a script or banner added.

9. None Payment – Payment wasn’t recieved therfore the blog was rejected. Please re-submit again but make payment to finish the process.

Hope you all enjoy reading this post, oh, do drop by my photojournalist blog and have a peek and read ! Many nice posts and photographs since April 2006 !

7 thoughts on “9 Rejection Reasons by Blogging Fusion

  • I guess they just send you a template email with your blog title in it. Sometime the reasons why they reject are not really valid. You can always email them to challenge them again if you like.

    And I will continue to visit photojournalist blog 🙂


  • I have met similar things when I submit my blog to a directory, Sorry I forgot the name of directory.

    I really don’t understand their standard!

  • Hey,

    1 of my blogs was also rejected last time by one of the blog directories. So don’t fret. Keep trying. It will eventually go through like mine did 🙂


  • I have not yet encountered a directory rejecting the blog that I submitted. I do follow their rules of putting a banner or link in my sidebar. When I changed my template a few weeks ago though, I removed some of the directory links. I was waiting for a mail from one of them indicating that they did not detect their link but so far, I have not received any.

  • Hi, I just dropped an EC here. 🙂

  • I’m an editor for and those are a list of the reasons you may have been rejected. Not all reasons would apply to you. I invite you to resubmit and we’ll see that the letter sent out when a blog is rejected is updated to state that your blog may have been rejected for one of the following reasons.

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