The simplest things in life can sometimes be found in blessings, from gifts and friends kind gestures. In this month of December, leading up to Christmas festive season, many people take this time to give out gifts to their family members, loved ones, friends and people who are less well off in society.

This season, I was blessed with a number of small gifts and kind gestures from friends and associates from different walks of life that our lives crossed together in some meaningful ways. They were not expensive gifts at all however, it definitely left a deep impact on me. As I looked back and count my blessings from the gifts, friendships and kindness, I must remember to Pay-It-Forward and continue with my way of touching, mentoring and blessing friends and associates with my sharing and personal touch.

The Universe sometimes bless us with gifts and kindness in the most unexpected ways and timings. If you have received blessings and gifts, it’s a blessing to receive gifts, Thank You to those who Give!

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