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Yearly Theme 2023 (Technology | Business | Personal)

It’s Monday 2nd of January 2023, the start of a brand week in a fresh New Year 2023,. Looking back at Year 2022, it was a mixed bag of an onward journey, results and outcomes, filled with its fair share of ups and downs. As the world economy reopens in 2022, reopening their borders and lifting of risk management measures, it’s a much awaited return that the world desires, the route to recovery was gradual as we return back to a more normal lifestyle.    

Inspired by Fernando GrosHow to choose a Yearly Theme”, this is my 4th year writing and announcing a Yearly Theme, an approach that I personally feel that it’s more forward looking for a new future, a new era of working, thinking and how we connect as an individual, as a collective, society and the world. It’s not that goal settings or setting resolutions are no longer popular or useful, they still have a purpose and it still works for some people or industries

Recap of previous Yearly Themes

Before I announce my Yearly Theme 2023 for my technology, business and personal, let me bring you back into my previous Yearly Themes through a recap below:

Yearly Theme 2023 (Technology | Business | Personal) – “Transform”

Now let me introduce and announce my Yearly Theme 2023 for Technology, Business and Personal – “Transform”.

Why “Transform”?

This word “Transform” was chosen for its connection to a 15 years milestone for my TGH Technology and Business website, how can I can change, transform and improve, from my media news coverage, business and technology analysis, social media marketing/digital marketing and as a writer?

15 Years of TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

My TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog is marking and celebrating a 15 years milestone in Year 2023. How has my website and writing transformed over the past 15 years and how am I going to transform my website and writing moving forward? There are probably more questions than answers right now. The answers might appear when I do more in-depth and write more, on both professional and personal basis.

In an upcoming article, I would share more thoughts and feelings behind my 15 years (and still counting) journey, that brought me a lot more than what I could have asked and planned for.


Technology and Business Media News Coverage

How am I gong to transform in how I cover technology and business media news coverage? With more in-depth interviews and thoughts? Should I cover and build up more enterprise/B2B technology media news?

Key technology topics and trends that I am looking to cover more in this year 2023 – Impacts of AI technology, Digital Transformation, B2B technology for SMB, Future of Work, Future Cities, Sustainability, Fin-Tech, Blockchain, NFT and Web 3.0.

Writing and Thought Leadership

I am spending more time writing on topics of heavier load nature, as well as sharing more about thought leadership in the business and technology sectors. How can I improve and transform my technology, business and personal writing onto another higher level of thought leadership, thinking and writing?

My personal writing on a technology and business content heavy website, gives another different perspective and dimension to my articles writing. I am still constantly honing and improving my writing and craft. A personal voice in thought leadership topics, we need to see more these from writers around the world.

New set of Uncertainties and Dark Clouds in 2023

How can I transform, change and adapt in a year of new set of uncertainties in 2023? What are the uncertainties that world economy might be facing in this year? Could the economic and political situations turn for the worst in 2023? We are facing inflation, higher costs of living, economic slowdown (or even possibly world recession) and geo-political worldwide crisis in a worst worst case scenario.

In a period of uncertainties and political crisis in some regions (hopefully it doesn’t escalate beyond that stage into bigger crisis), there might be new opportunities. Time to explore other opportunities as a new set of dark clouds (challenges and uncertainties) looms over 2023.

Yearly Theme 2023 (Photography and Travel)

In this year 2023, I decide to try something different again, I chose two themes, one for my TGH  Technology and Business Portal/Blog, one for my TGH Photography and Travel Portal/Blog. What did I choose for my Yearly Theme 2023 (Photography and Travel)?

Join me in my “Transform” adventures in 2023

I would like to invite all of you, come join me in my transformation exploration in my technology, business and writer journeys in 2023.

Together we can and we might discover something common to work on, advocate together and transform the way we work and live, and on special themes that we can push for more awareness and publicity.

Adobe Research Reveals: Time To Get Personal

Adobe announced a new research in October 2022 that revealed the growing importance of brands understanding customers at a personal level and interacting with them as individuals, in real time. How are the consumer market sentiments, trends and styles changing in this modern era of social media and internet driven environment that we live in? How do all these trends, sentiments, trends and styles differ across different countries and regions? The key takeaway from Adobe Research reveals: Time to get personal.

Singapore Market

For the Singapore market, the majority (88%) of consumers in Singapore want to be treated as an individual with unique interests and preferences, with almost 2/3 of consumers (65%) saying they feel negatively towards brands that interact with them based on broad assumptions and labels, including age-based stereotypes such as “Millennial” and “Gen-Z”.

Asia Pacific Market

Across Asia Pacific, customers are calling on brands to demonstrate that they know them, show them, and will help them in the moments that matter – not once, but all the time,” said Duncan Egan, Vice President of Marketing, Adobe Asia Pacific and Japan. “To meet that standard, brands need to unlock preferences in real-time through customer data, and use it to deliver relevant interactions and content at the right moment. Scaling that across up to millions of customers is the next step.”

Adobe’s research shows the emergence of a new consumer that is not defined by age, that refuses to be stereotyped, and expects to be understood as the unique person they are today. For brands and organisations seeking to meet the modern consumer’s new expectations, they must ensure that they are equipped with the latest customer data platform technologies, whereby they can create a complete single view of every customer capable of delivering personalised experiences in real-time.

Time to get personal

The Adobe survey of 5,000 APAC consumers (2,000 Australians, 2,000 Indians and 1,000 Singaporeans) reveals 3x as many APAC consumers feel closer to people who share their passions and interests (62%) than those of a similar demographic (19%). The vast majority (86%) of consumers want to be seen and treated as individuals based on their unique interests and preferences.

Singaporeans feel strongly about this, with more than one-quarter (28%) rejecting the stereotypes of their generation and 88% wanting to be seen and treated as an individual.

Individuality is key

Individuality is a key factor in today’s climate. Consumers today have high expectations for the brands they are engaging with – they expect brands to see them as unique people, keep up with their changing habits and interests, and respect their privacy preferences. Almost 2/3 of Singaporeans (65%) now expect businesses to have a clear understanding of who they are as individuals, and only contact them with information relevant to what they are interested in at any given moment. 65% of Singaporean consumers, the same proportion think negatively of brands that use broad assumptions and stereotypes to engage them.

73% of Singaporean consumers, almost 3/4 say they expect personalised experiences from brands they share data with, with 65% wanting real-time offers relevant to them. However, more than 27% of Singaporeans, a quarter of them say brands are not doing this well or are inconsistent in their efforts to keep up with their personal preferences. Regular efforts to engage consumers with bespoke offers related to their current interests is of the highest importance – more than 4x as many people want frequent, thoughtful gestures (70%) over bigger one-off moments (15%).

Change is the only Constant

Change is the only Constant holds true, it’s getting faster in recent years. Adobe found out that consumer preferences and tastes are constantly evolving, reinforcing the need for brands to move away from simple groupings based on age or other fixed demographic factors. The consumers’ collective experiences over recent years and months has only added to that rate of change.

Most consumers across Asia Pacific se themselves and their peer group differently from how they were pre-pandemic , and 79% have adjusted their preferences and tastes even further in the past three months. The average person takes on a new interest or hobby 6x a year, rising to 10x a year for people under the age of 25.

To understand Singapore market better, brands need to take note on their ability to keep pace with them because this is a significant expectation for Singaporean consumers. In the survey, 60% of Singaporeans responded that they have changed their favourite brands as their tastes and financial situation has changed. Real-time visibility and delivering experiences in line with emerging preferences is vital to keeping even the most loyal customers on side.

Meeting consumers where they are

Adobe Real-Time CDP empowers brands to continually meet members of this new generation where they are. This customer data platform allows organisations view and manage customer profiles, make updates in real-time, and activate customer insights through Adobe Experience Cloud applications across the entire customer journey.

Experiencing Adobe Digital Experience at Adobe Experience Makers

My experiences with Adobe is mostly at Adobe’s Creative Suite side of things, as my photography (business and personal) and my content creation are key areas of my business services. I would be sharing about Adobe MAX on my TGH Photography and Travel portal/blog.

Experiencing Adobe Digital Experience at Adobe Experience Makers, I was introduced to Adobe’s business market segments. From a technology writer, digital marketer and formerly from a local small medium business (SMB) background, I am able to relate and understand digital transformation for businesses and organisations.

Attending Adobe Experience Makers allowed me to hear first hand real life case studies of businesses from both local and regional, on their digital transformation journey and engagements with their customers. Digital transformation and SMB related topics are areas of interest in my technology and business topics coverage.

Understanding your market, consumer behaviour, sentiments, trends and styles are crucial especially in this fast paced ever changing social media and internet driven world. Businesses and organisations also need a holistic digital platform that would allow them to cater and handle digital transformation, not just for themselves, they would make the engagement with their consumers a better experience for all.

Whether you are a business owner, management staff, IT head/lead or handling digital marketing, a new age of digital transformation is ushering a new transformation and change in a constantly changing digital world that is changing faster than before. Having a solid digital experience platform and diverse suite of digital services and tools are a must have for your businesses and organisations.

The time is now for businesses and organisations to embark on your Digital Transformation 2.0  or maybe even Digital Transformation 3.0, and transform your workplace digital experiences for a new Future of Work, if you haven’t done so.

Adobe Digital Experience

For business organisations and institutions that are exploring new holistic digital experiences for your organisation and how you can go about implementing or transforming your current digital experiences, you can visit Adobe website and learn more about how Adobe is changing the world through its digital experiences.

* Information courtesy of Adobe and WE Communications *

Writer’s Day and Thoughts

A writer’s day and thoughts, today I am writing from my own personal writer’s perspectives, thoughts, views and plans. It’s something different from my personal updates and reflections, also away from my technology and business media news coverage.

Official launch of my second photography zine

It’s finally official, I finally announced the launch of my second photography zine, a special theme zine on photography therapy and playbook. A personal project idea that came out from me handling my own personal situations during the ongoing global pandemic situation in 2021. Photography and writing were key factors that got me out from that rabbit hole.

More deep and personal insights can be read here inside this article that I wrote and published on my TGH Photography and Travel portal/blog. If you like to purchase my 2nd photography zine titled “TGH Photography Therapy Zine and Playbook”, it’s available on MagCloud.

TGH Photography Therapy Zine and Playbook

TGH Photography Zine Collection: TGH Photography Therapy Zine and Playbook

The motivation and story behind my second photography zine came about from some personal crisis in a middle of an ongoing global pandemic situation. There were a series of situations that took place in 2021.My second photography zine has a unique and special theme – photography therapy theme,…

Find out more on MagCloud

Reading Not Enough

I am not reading enough books, even though I am reading articles online, from both news outlets and writers from different genres. My books inside my cupboard are waiting for me to read them again or start reading them since I bought those books.

Time to go back reading “No Missing Tools: Creativity In An Age Of Abundance” by Fernando Gros, “The Little Book of Ikigai” by Ken Mogi and Taiwan street travel by Emico.

New books to read are “Klopp Bring The Noise” by Raphael Honigstein, “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck* by Mark Manson and “Goodbye, Things on Minimalist Living” by Fumio Sasaki.   

Writing Not Fast Enough

I am not writing fast enough, on both media news coverage, media events coverage, as well as personal and visual storytelling side. On one hand, it can be really exhausting, it’s also more challenging to bring my writing to the next level.

Would I be able to get back to a faster pace of writing? Let’s see how it goes, I realised that quality writing takes a bit more time than usual, I do produce better quality articles too.

What’s up next for my writing topics/projects?

What’s up next for my writing topics/projects? I would break it down into a few areas that I am working on:

Personal writing

This is where I provide updates and reflections on personal and business side of things aka ranting on a quarterly basis, sometimes along with half yearly and full year review updates as well. My personal writing is where I am able to write freely, sharing what I want to share on a personal basis. This is my personal avenue and platform to release them in my own words, thoughts and feelings.

Special interest

Over my years of writing, media news coverage on both technology, photography and travel sectors, I have also developed interests and concerns in topics that are close to my heart and mind.

Some areas that I am planning to go more in-depth are sustainability and climate change, future and developments of cryptocurrency and blockchain, and future of work.

Visual storytelling – photography and travel

A genre that I started in 2006, my visual storytelling adventures and journeys on my TGH Photography and Travel portal/blog, accompanying my photography portfolio website TGH Photography, in my content creation and social media marketing/digital marketing journeys.

I am thinking of a new book project for year 2023, either a photo book or a visual storytelling travel book. More information and updates would be shared when I am ready to announce.

There could also be a chance for projects or commissioned work here in Singapore or overseas for my visual storytelling skillsets and experiences as well.

15 years young in 2023

Founded in 2008, TGH Technology and Business portal/blogs turning 15 years young in January 2023. Since I haven’t celebrate any major milestone for TGH Technology and Business portal/blog, I might do a milestone celebration, maybe something similar to the 15 years milestone for my TGH Photography and Travel portal/blog in April 2021.

Journaling and Writing – Old School + Modern Technology

As I am making changes to my WFH workstation by adding a used 2017 Apple iMac 21.5, and hybrid remote working setup recently, adding a used Logitech Slim Combo keyboard for my Apple iPad Air 3, looking to add a few more peripherals soon to complete my content creation, photography and writing work, portable and on the move. I am trying out the Day One journaling app on my Apple iPad Air 3, typing down notes, thoughts and ideas while I am on the move.

During this period, I am also thinking about my journaling with notebooks for work/daily usage as well as a travelers notebook. Would I be able to combine old school + modern technology in my journaling and writing?

Next Stop – What would it be?

On board my writing and visual storytelling journey, coming to 15 years for this website. Next stop – What would it be? What are my goals, objectives and plans for my writing?

Let me think, let me plan, let me write it down.

Stay tuned, coming soon.

Vision Beyond – Epson Celebrates 40 years in Southeast Asia

Epson, a global technology leader leveraging on its efficient, compact and precise innovation since 1942, they recently marked a significant milestone of 80 years since its establishment, and 40 years in Southeast Asia (SEA) region on 20th October 2022. Epson reflects on its success over the past eight decades and key milestones achieved together across four decades in SEA.

Vision Beyond – Epson Celebrates 40 years in Southeast Asia

To commemorate this special occasion, Epson held its 40th Anniversary Seminar and Solution Tour that welcomed Epson Global President and CEO Yasunori Ogawa as the esteemed guest-of-honour. This was titled, “Vision Beyond“, representing how Epson has paid homage to its long-standing heritage of excellence while demonstrating foresight into the future of the business inkjet, large format printing and robotics industry.

The Epson regional Southeast Asia headquarters is anchored here since 1982, Epson launched its new regional HQ office last year at Alexandra Technopark in Singapore, alongside two Solution Centres to display new corporate and industrial products across the region.

Southeast Asia is poised to become the 4th largest market in the world by 2030, this represents huge market potential that the wider ecosystem can tap into for a wide range of business benefits. On the other hand, Epson has also expanded its presence across Southeast Asia over the last four decades, with significant investment to the region, including office openings in Malaysia in 1991, Thailand and Philippines in 1998, Indonesia in 2000, and Vietnam in 2018. Most recently in 2022, local Epson Solution Centres were launched across Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.

The progression and expansion of Epson’s regional footprint is made possible due to its track record within the industry – consistently retaining its number 1 market share in the SEA region for their Ink Tank printers, Projectors, Dye Sublimation Textile Printers, SCARA Robots, Timing Devices and many more.

Epson’s commitment and presence to B2B innovation can be seen in its key product launch milestones across Southeast Asia, such as introducing the World’s First Ink Tank Printer in 2010, Epson Industrial Robot Series in 2012. More recently, Epson welcomed the launch of the World’s First 25,000 Lumens 3LCD Laser Projector in 2016; the Line Inkjet Business Printer in 2017; the Direct-to-Fabric Printer in 2019 and the 2021 launch of PaperLab – the World’s First in-office dry paper making system.

In this year 2022, Epson SEA strengthens its EcoTank leadership position with the launch of monochrome EcoTank printers, M1170 and M2170. Powered by PrecisionCore Heat-Free Technology, these compact office EcoTank printers deliver fast print speeds and enhanced productivity.

The future of work is here, workplace norms are changing and ever-evolving. Epson’s business inkjet printer series are tailored to suit hybrid work environment. With solutions that enable printing on the go as well as cloud printing that ensures confidentiality and ease of print, Epson is able to meet the changing requirements of printing to go “Beyond Boundaries”. To further complement the hybrid work and learn environment, Epson has also launched CO-FH02, a versatile projector that can accompany an office worker from day to night. This Full HD Smart projector has a lightweight and compact design, making it easy for the users to bring it to work and home.

With the theme ‘‘Beyond Transformation’, Epson has brought digital transformation impacts to industrial and commercial printing verticals like signage, textiles, labels and many more via its wide range of large format printers. With decentralisation being the key industry trend, cloud solutions are embedded within Epson’s large format printers to enable seamless business scaling across multiple sites while maintaining consistent quality and efficiency.

Going ‘Beyond Tomorrow’, Epson leads the way into the future with smart manufacturing. Its robots provide flexible configuration for end-to-end automation. This enables manufacturing floor optimisation with higher output, precision and accuracy while reducing environmental impact.

Epson’s success and achievements in the B2C market, highlights their dominant market leadership across B2C product categories and they are making significant headways to capture major market opportunities in B2B categories. Epson’s mission for “Vision Beyond” is to emulate the level of success Epson has achieved in B2C products and pivot this commitment to capture significant market share in B2B segments.

Epson’s Sustainable Solutions to Transform the Industry

Sustainability is the core of Epson’s solutions to drive customer’s businesses forward. Epson is dedicated to creating a sustainable business model via advocacy and influence in corporate responsibility – ultimately enabling socially responsible manufacturing and consumption to be realised across its comprehensive business and partner ecosystem. Leading by example, Epson promotes responsible manufacturing by incorporating more recycled material within the main unit of its printers and product packaging, while minimising consumables.

Epson is progressing towards its Global Environmental Vision, Epson’s manufacturing sites are on track to run on 100% renewable energy by 2023. The Epson factory in the Philippines is the first factory to achieve this target, with Indonesia following suit this year – entirely generated by biomass energy sources.

A Sustainable Future by Enriching Communities and Co-creating Value

Epson aims to instil a business mindset that focuses on sustainability, accomplished through tripartite collaborations involving social enterprises, channel partners and end users. This is underscored by Epson Southeast Asia’s alignment with 5 United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (UNSDGs), namely: UNSDGs 8 (1), 9 (2), 12 (3), 13 (4) and 17 (5). These have been carefully selected due to 3 key factors: They are most material to Epson Southeast Asia’s business operations; potential to create the biggest impact and alignment to its Global Environmental Vision.

Locally, Epson and WWF are supporting a pilot habitat restoration programme within Singapore’s Southern Islands, where research insights will be used to restore a degraded reef area. Passionate individuals are also empowered to be a part of the solution via the citizen scientist programme.

“As we celebrate our 40th anniversary, we remain committed to the vision of empowering lives with sustainable innovations. With sustainability being an imperative in today’s business environment, we recognise the pressing need for collective action,” said Siew Jin Kiat, Regional Managing Director of Epson Southeast Asia. “As an industry leader, we must make tangible commitments to the communities we operate in. Thus, sustainability will always be at the core of what we do in Epson. By harnessing a cohesive ecosystem effort, we will continue to drive societal solutions with our technology that will benefit community livelihoods while contributing towards environmental conservation.”

Epson’s regional efforts mirror the company’s global commitment towards sustainable innovation. Through the establishment of closed-loop metal recycling facilities in Kita Industrial Park, Epson Global has made significant strides to pioneer pathways towards net-zero aligned towards its Global Environmental Vision 2050.

“We marked our 80th year in business in May of this year. Exercising constant creativity and challenge to deliver on products and services that continuously exceed customer expectations, we continue to be guided by Epson’s unique philosophy of efficient, compact, and precise innovation that we have evolved since our founding. Our aim is to take advantage of the tremendous value that this innovation yields to address sustainability and other societal issues, with the ultimate goal of helping to create a better world and enrich people’s lives.” said Yasunori Ogawa, Global President and CEO of Epson.

Epson’s goals are to transform the industry with sustainable solutions, to enrich communities, and ultimately mirror the position of market leadership for both B2B and B2C categories. Through collaborative initiatives with industry partners and customers, Epson envisions its ‘Vision Beyond’ by leading the frontiers of innovation for a sustainable future.


  1. UNSDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
  2. UNSDG 9: Industry Innovation and Infrastructure
  3. UNSDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
  4. UNSDG 13: Climate Action
  5. UNSDG 17: Partnerships for The Goals

* Information and picture courtesy of Epson Singapore and Hill+Knowlton Strategies *

Updates and Thoughts – 15th November 2022

We are halfway through the month of November 2022, getting nearer to the end of year 2022. My last updates were in September, on this website, followed by my month of October articles: reflecting Q3 2022 and plans for Q4 2022 (technology/other business and personal) and reflecting Q3 2022 and plans for Q4 2022 (photography and travel). A month has passed, here’s another updates and thoughts – 15th November 2022.

There are a number of updates, thoughts and feelings on my mind right now, it’s not going to be everything written and published below, just selective and focusing on the bigger news/stuff that I am working on or taking place right now.

Twitter Saga

If you are on the Twitter platform, you would have already knew about the ongoing Twitter saga under a new ownership and Twitter users are now facing a lot of uncertainties and challenges ahead.

I started my journey on Twitter in June 2009, it had been a great platform for me to know creative folks from various genres, from photography, writing, filmmaking etc etc, to technology and business networks as well.

That’s a number of stuff, thoughts and feelings going through my mind now. Initially, I wanted to write and publish them early, however after chatting with Fernando Gros on Twitter (he’s someone whom I respect a lot, a huge inspiration to me especially in my writing and unlocking my creativity), I decided to hold back first, let me observe and follow the developments and changes on Twitter before I summarise my thoughts, feelings and future plans down the road in a separate article.

Oh yes, do follow me on Twitter! Here’s my profile –

New WFH workstation configuration setup

My Apple MacBook Pro (MBP) 15” Early 2013 laptop is coming to a 10 years usage lifespan pretty soon in 2023. Therefore, I have to make adjustments to my workflow setup by adding a 2nd hand Apple iMac 21.5 2017 to my workstation setup (and I have been wanting a desktop computer too), not just as a backup computer, it’s also another work computer too.

My case + keyboard for my Apple iPad Air 3 has also deteriorated, the case was peeling off and rubber components breaking off, the keyboard was also a goner. With recent concern from others on my iPad Air 3 that looked terribly bad, I decided to look for a new keyboard case and I managed to get a good condition used Logitech Slim Combo Touch keyboard case for Apple iPad Air 3.

This is my new WFH workstation configuration setup for now, adding more accessories to my WFH workstation configuration setup, as well as my remote working setup. In the pipeline, a new MBP 14” with the M1 Pro chip is on the cards for Q1 or Q2 2023. I have pushed my 2013 MBP 15” for a solid 10 years, the time is now to get a replacement.

Ongoing discussions for photography business collaborations / projects

I decided to write and share some quick update for my TGH Photography business segment here, there are ongoing discussions for my photography business collaborations / projects, that would not just encompass photography, my visual story telling and videography would be coming into play as well.

New / Second photography zine would soon be officially announced and launched

Yes, finally finally, I am going to write and publish an article to officially announce the launch of my second photography zine. I am trying to get some photographs of my final 3rd mock up zine in a suitable setup/surrounding that I can use inside my article. If you like to know more about my 2nd photography zine, more information can be found inside this article!

Keep a look out for my announcement on my TGH Photography and Travel portal/blog!

Why am I posting lesser on my technology and business portal/blog?

I am not going to lie, I am posting lesser on my TGH Technology and Business portal/blog, it’s getting more challenging to strike a balance finding revenue for my business while maintaining media news coverage (non-paid).

Would I be able to handle more technology brands (consumer and enterprise) media coverage news down the road? I am not too sure yet, on the other hand, I am planning to work on a few areas that I am more interested in.

Anything happening in the final Q4 2022?

Is there anything exciting or happening in my final Q4 2022? I don’t know yet and I don’t think so, as I am keeping a low profile even though you will see tweeting away on Twitter a lot more than you can imagine. I just don’t show and share as much on social media with pictures.

Thank you for your support! Stay tuned for more updates!

I would like to sincerely thank everyone reading for your support! Stay tuned for more updates, let’s see where my final sprint in Q4 2022 would lead me to at the end of Year 2022 and my start to a brand new year 2023!

People, Technology, and Spaces – Critical Elements to the Future of Work and Return to Office

The role and significance of a workplace has changed over the years, with the recent global pandemic situation accelerating changes and disruptions to how we work and our workplace, transforming a new future of work as the world economy gradually seeks a return back to normal in a post-pandemic world. Work today is no longer a place, it’s now what your employees do, and how they do it. The future of work is upon us, a hybrid future of work is here to stay and it’s an increasingly permanent fixture. How are organisations coping and figuring out how to optimise this new future of work model setup, amidst ongoing challenges with the Return to the Office. People, Technology, and Spaces – they are the key elements to the Future of Work and Return to Office

There have been a lot of discussions and ideas on what organisations should do when building out strategies for a new Future of Work, whether it’s changing the nature of work for employees, what technologies should come into play, or the need to redefine the office space.

Recipe to Success in the New Future of Work

At Poly, they believe that the receipt to success in the new future of work over the long term, starts with three key central ingredients

1. People: They are the most important asset for a company.

2. Technology: Organisations need to properly define the needs and work styles of employees, this would lead to the ability fo discern the rich technology solutions that can enable both effective work across different spaces, regardless of where that might be.

3. Spaces: Organisations need to understand the work styles more prevalent among employees, the organisation can then better design experiences across spaces that increase both engagement and innovation by eliminating friction to create seamless transitions from the home office to spaces across the office, or anywhere in between.

The former approach to planning an office work setup is defining requirements based on space, the new approach is a people-focused approach, a radical departure from the old ways of setting up an office workspace. The best way forward for a modern organisation is to strategise for the Future of Work, is to understand the people who perform it.

Poly has been studying work style evolution for nearly a decade, they have identified six distinct work styles, often referred to as personas – which make up 97% of a typical enterprise, each with different character traits. By identifying the attributes, pain points, and communication preferences associated with each persona, businesses are better equipped to match work styles and employee behaviours to devices and technologies, thereby increasing organisational productivity.

Samir Sayed, Managing Director, ASEAN and Korea, Poly, says, “For organizations to succeed in this new world of work, they first have to understand how their people do their best work, how to configure work spaces to enable their workers to get the most out of their working hours, and by extension, where to best invest their money in technologies that enable a seamless, flexible, and more equitable working experience.”

Here are some key takeaways:

  • There is an ongoing and dramatic shift to remote-centric work styles: From before the pandemic to 2022, there has been a 25% increase in workers adopting remote-centric working styles and preferences.
  • The ability to connect is driving a return to the office: While there are numerous barriers hindering the return to the office, the ability to connect to one another remains a key element in driving people to return to the office.
  • Connecting employees driving a shift in office space reallocation: Pre-pandemic, up to 70% of office space was geared towards individual desks and support spaces. Post-pandemic, the shift to more remote-centric roles is driving a shift from individual space, towards space that supports activities that connect employees for collaboration.

Low Hee Bun, Senior Solution Architect, Poly, comments, “Organizations are getting serious about implementing their long-term hybrid strategies, which also includes plans to refit their office spaces to better fit the new purpose of the office as a center of corporate culture. Planning for the return to office is about designing experiences for this new hybrid world of work that will drive people to the office to build connections, and at the same time maximizing the experiences for those in the office and those who are remote.”

How can your organisation setup for the new Future of Work?

Board Room

Photo courtesy of IN.FOM

Small Meeting Room

Photo courtesy of IN.FOM

Home Office

The Hybrid Future of Work is upon us, a hybrid format of remote/working from home and working in office. As both organisation and the workforce find the balance point in this Hybrid Future of Work, the recipe to success in the new Future of Work – People, Technology and Spaces. They will play their crucial roles together to transform and usher in new Hybrid Future of Work.

If you would like to learn more about setting up your workforce for success in a new world of work, please visit and check them out!

* Information courtesy of Poly and IN.FOM *

Dell Technologies Forum 2022 in Singapore – New SG and APJ findings on Digital Transformation

Dell Technologies Forum 2022 in Singapore was held recently on 13th September 2022. This would be a technology conference/forum that I would like to attend however I wasn’t able to attend due to a clash of appointment/business commitments for that day. One of the key updates was on Dell research findings on digital transformation and change for Singapore (SG) and Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ).

On the subject of digital transformation / digital change, this has been one of my areas of interest over the past few years. When I read the Dell Technologies Forum Singapore 2022 – New SG and APJ findings on Digital Transformation, it was interesting, an eye opener and concern on the digital transformation journey in Singapore, and how the future of work is evolving right here in SG.

None of us can forget what the global pandemic that started in 2020 inflicted on the entire world, from personal living and how we work, the massive changes and impacts on our work, living, personal and mental well-being. Digital transformation over the past two years could be said to be accelerated beyond any precedent in the business and technology worlds.

Dell research on digital transformation in SG

What does Dell research on new SG and APJ findings on digital transformation speaks about our current state of digital transformation progress in SG?

Before we dive more into this, here are the key findings for Singapore:

  • In Singapore, 96% (APJ: 90%) of business leaders regard their people as their greatest asset
  • However, 75% (APJ: 67%) believe their organisations underestimate the people requirements when planning transformation programmes
  • Nearly 80% (APJ: 77%) of all Singapore employees also say their business needs to provide the necessary tools and infrastructure to work flexibly, in a way that suits everyone

After 2 years of accelerated digital transformation, 65% of IT leaders in Singapore (APJ: 45%) say their organisations do not know what it takes to digitally transform a workforce, with many employees now facing challenges in keeping up the pace according to a new Dell Technologies survey. 75% (APJ: 67%) of those surveyed in Singapore believe their organisations underestimate how to engage with their people properly when planning transformation programmes.

What do those Dell research results highlight?

The results from Dell research highlight how the recent period of accelerated digital transformation is leaving businesses and their workforce in need of time to recharge, reflect, and refine before embarking on new or iterating projects.

Even though there have been accelerated progress and efforts from the past few years, this research highlights how there is a potential for transformation to stall as 75% of respondents in Singapore believe it is their people’s resistance to change that can lead to failure.

Nearly 80% of Singapore respondents (APJ: 62%) fear they will be shut out of the evolving digital world due to a lack of people with the right authority or vision to capitalise on the opportunity – this is when an as-a-Service model becomes a favourable option for many businesses.

“To build a better future that works for all, we need to recognise that business success and employees’ wellbeing are inextricably linked. Our latest research highlights that sustainable digital transformation happens at the intersection of people and technology. To achieve an effective breakthrough, organisations should consider a three-pronged approach. First, provide employees with consistent and secure work experiences, not defined by where they work. Second, help drive productivity by augmenting human capabilities with technology tools to allow employees to focus on what they do best. Lastly, inspire employees through an empathetic culture and authentic leadership,” said Amit Midha, President, Asia Pacific & Japan, and Global Digital Cities, Dell Technologies.

“The future of work has shifted and will continue to evolve as teams and individuals find a process that works for them. The foundation of successful hybrid work models will involve personalised, consistent, disruption-free experiences, and will rely on a human-centric IT strategy. In Singapore, hybrid work options are now a top requirement for employees. People need easy access to the right tools to get the job done, whenever and wherever they are working. Companies should ensure the necessary tools and infrastructure are in place to empower their employees in achieving success,” said Andy Sim, Vice President and Managing Director, Singapore, Dell Technologies.

The time is now for organisations to take stock before embarking upon new digital transformation projects, ensuring their workforce is supported and has clarity on the next stage of implementation.

Readiness for Digital Change Benchmarks

Dell and independent behavioural experts studied survey respondents’ appetite for digital change and found that only 5% of the workforce in Singapore – from senior business leaders to IT decision makers and staff – are pursuing modernisation projects. Further more, around 50% of those surveyed are slow or reluctant to embrace change.

Here is the table of how the Singapore workforce is comprised today:

Breakthrough benchmark

1) Sprint: Will chase innovation and trailblazer technological change

5% (APJ: 7%)

2) Steady: Poised to adopt technological change, selected by others

35.5% (APJ: 41%)

3) Slow: Inclined to hold back and observe / deliberate

53% (APJ: 46%)

4) Still: Tend to anticipate problems and resist proposed technology innovations based on perceived risk

6.5% (APJ: 6%)

Future of Digital Transformation and Digital Change

What is the future of digital transformation and digital change like? This study charts a path forward with signposts opportunities for businesses to focus and keep pace with transformation, with breakthrough happening at the intersection of people and technology along three frontiers:

1. Connectivity

During the pandemic, businesses performed tremendous feats to connect, collaborate, and conduct business online during this period. However, this is not the end, they are not finished.

Nearly 80% of respondents say they need organisations to provide the necessary tools and infrastructure to work anywhere (along with autonomy to choose their preferred working pattern). In fact, the respondents worry that their people might be left behind because they do not have the right technology to shift to a highly distributed model (where work and compute are not tied to a central place but occur everywhere).

Technology alone is not sufficient. Businesses also need to make work equitable for people with different needs, interests, and responsibilities, including the 79% of Singapore employees that would like their organisation to do any of the following:

  • 39% (APJ: 46%) want organisations to clearly define their ongoing commitment to flexible work arrangements and the practicalities of making it work
  • 36% (APJ: 45%) would like to see organisations better equip leaders to effectively and equitably manage remote teams
  • 36% (APJ: 47%) want organisations to empower employees to choose their preferred working pattern and provide the necessary tools / infrastructure

2. Productivity

Time is limited for everyone, and there are now too few qualified candidates for open roles. In order to address all these strains, businesses can delegate repetitive tasks to automated processes and free-up people to focus on enriching, higher-value work.

At the present moment, only 38% say their work is stimulating and not repetitive. With the opportunity to automate more repetitive tasks, close to 7 in 10 respondents would look forward to learning new, sought-after skills and technologies, like leadership skills, courses in machine learning, or focusing on more strategic opportunities to elevate their role.

However, for businesses with limited budgets, they are concerned that they will not be able to advance their workforce and compete.

3. Empathy

Beyond hardware and technology, it is at the heart where businesses must build a culture, modelled by empathetic leaders, that treats people as their greatest source of creativity and value.

This Dell research shows that there is still work to do and empathy has to inform decision making – from simplifying technology for approximately half of Singapore employees who often feel overwhelmed by complex technologies, to tailoring change programmes to individuals’ skills.

Research Methodology

The fieldwork was conducted by market research company, Vanson Bourne, from August to October 2021, across 40+ locations from all regions around the world.

Base: Dell Technologies conducted a survey with 10,500 senior business decision-makers, IT decision-makers and knowledge workers (employees involved in digital transformation) across 40+ countries.

In Asia Pacific & Japan (APJ), there were 2,900 respondents across 11 locations that were surveyed. The locations in APJ include Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam.

In Singapore, there were 200 respondents that were surveyed.

For more information

If you would like to read more about the Dell research findings, please visit here to read the full results.

You can also read the Perspectives articles series here:

* Information courtesy of Dell Technologies and BCW *

Happy 57th Birthday Singapore!

Today is 9th August 2022, it’s also Singapore’s 57th birthday! First and foremost, wishing Singapore a Happy 57th Birthday! Before we mark this year’s 2022 birthday celebrations with a big bang at our National Day Parade (NDP) 2022, let us all pause , take a look back and reflect on our past 2 years from 2020 (when the global pandemic hit us) till now in 2022, and what lies ahead in the future ahead for Singapore.

Lots of thoughts and feelings

I am filled with lots of thoughts and feelings, somehow it’s not coherent when I wrote it down, they can be all over the place when I looked back at Singapore’s growth over the decades as I grew old along with you, I look at the current climate, and lastly looking ahead into the future.

It’s not perfect, nothing is perfect in this world at all, yet I count my blessings. Yes, it can be very stressful living here, cost of living, societal pressure and chasing material wealth. On the other side of the story, a peaceful, stable, safe and vibrant cosmopolitan city.

The society and living landscapes are constantly changing and evolving, we don’t need to look further beyond the shores of Singapore. Beyond Singapore, Asia and worldwide, we are in for a period of more uncertainties and higher cost of living.

Lots of thoughts and feelings for today 9th August 2022 as Singapore celebrates her SG57 birthday. I would probably continue more on another day and time.

Emerging from 2+ years of global pandemic

Singapore is emerging from 2+ years of global pandemic situation, it was a very difficult time for Singapore, and for the rest of the world as well, from all aspects of daily living and work. Our financial, emotional and mental health took a heavy hit over the past 2+ years when we were hit by the global pandemic that started in 2020.

Singapore slowly and gradually started to emerge and moved away from this 2+ years of global pandemic in early part of 2022. This was a huge relief for all of us, while we are not totally out of the woods yet, this was a huge step for us in our route to recovery and a return to a more normal life, back to our pre-pandemic days, even though life will never be the same again.

Uncertainties ahead

As the world slowly and gradually move away from the global pandemic COVID-19 that turned the world upside down financially, emotionally and mentally for 2+ years (since 2020), we were eagerly getting our pre pandemic life back again to normalcy. While the recovery in 2022 wasn’t an exponential climb, it’s more of a slow gradual growth instead.

However, there are more uncertainties ahead that lie in front of us, even though we are not out of the woods in relation to the ongoing global pandemic situation. From escalating inflationary pressure causing our prices to go up quite steeply in the first half of 2022 that arises from the conflict situation in Europe.

A looming recession is ahead of us, regional and world peace and stability took another hit with new tensions in the Asia region. What lies ahead for Singapore, our region and the world in the near future?

Quite a lot of uncertainties ahead.

Stronger Together!

Just when we thought we would be returning a life back to normal in a post global pandemic world, we are facing even greater challenges and quite a lot of uncertainties ahead. From exiting one turbulent period and entering into another new turbulent period, this turbulence doesn’t seem to be ending.

One of the themes for SG57 is “Stronger Together”, it’s not getting easier as we initially thought that would be the journey ahead for Singapore as we move away from this global pandemic situation.


Where is Home?

A topic that was recently in the local papers, on where is home? What does home means to you and me? The global pandemic situation that caused the whole world that much trouble on all aspects of our daily living and work, gave us a lot of food for thought on where is our home truly?

Something for you to ponder, think deeply, into your heart, mind and soul, is Singapore the country you truly call it your home?

Happy SG57 Singapore! Majulah!

To all Singaporeans, we have to be stronger together, staying resolute and united together as one united Singapore, as we navigate a new set of challenges and uncertainties.

Today is 9th August 2022, once again wishing Singapore a Happy 57th Birthday! Let’s celebrate SG57 with a big party and celebration, be Stronger Together as a nation, as a society and Majulah!

** Photos shot with Canon EOS R7 review camera – A TGH Photography x Canon EOS R7 Explorer Series Production **

Samsung leading evolution in mobile market through foldable smartphones

What’s the future of smartphones? An everyday technology gadget that is an integral part of many people’s life around the world today, how do you see this changing or improving in the years to come? For Samsung Electronics, they are confident in the foldable smartphones segment, Samsung is leading evolution in mobile market through foldable smartphones. During a recent visit to Indonesia, TM Roh expressed confidence in the continued popularity of foldable smartphones globally. In addition to discussing trends in the mobile market, TM Roh also spoke about the mobile business in Southeast Asia and the role of technology in shaping the future.

Unfolding the Potential of Foldables

TM Roh noted that Samsung’s foldable smartphones have redefined what is possible in the smartphone industry, like what the Samsung Galaxy Note Series did, and Samsung will continue to set new standards in mobile technology.

“Foldables are transforming and reshaping the mobile market. As the pioneer and leader of the foldable smartphone category, we are focused on delivering incredible foldable experiences that enhance our consumers’ everyday lives,” said TM Roh, President and Head of Samsung Electronics’ MX (Mobile eXperience) Business. “We will continue to develop the unique advantages of the Galaxy foldables, such as viewing on a large screen using a compact and durable device, taking photos and videos in Flex mode, multitasking on split screens with an S Pen and enjoying a unique user experience with the new foldable form factor. We will also enhance the foldables experience through partnerships with industry leaders, such as Google, to support more applications and services for foldable devices.”

The popularity of foldable form factors is expected to continue. In 2021, the global sales volume of foldable smartphones grew more than four times as compared to 2020, exceeding the market growth forecast by three times. The success of the Galaxy Z series is testament to the increasing appetite for foldable smartphones, with sales of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 in a single month exceeding the cumulative sales of foldable phones in 2020.

Best-in-Class Mobile Experiences for All Smartphone Users

Samsung’s mission is to make the latest and best in mobile technology more accessible.

Speaking in detail on this mission, TM Roh said, “For more than a decade, Samsung has played a key role in laying the foundation for a new generation of connectivity in 5G by working with local regulators and carriers in Southeast Asia. While 5G networks are still limited in this region, I’m committed to ensuring that consumers in this region are equipped to benefit from 5G connectivity as soon as the infrastructure is available. And I’m confident that Samsung’s 5G devices will be the first choice for users in Southeast Asia and Oceania, and across the globe as well.”

5G technology is a key enabler of integrated mobile experience with Samsung’s Galaxy ecosystem, which revolves around the Galaxy smartphones as its hub. The ecosystem offers seamless experiences between the smartphone and multiple devices, such as products in the Galaxy Watch and Buds series, and even provides a PC-like experience with Galaxy tablets through Samsung Dex.

He said, “While we have consistently focused our efforts on improving the smartphone experience for users, we also recognize the growing demand for a connected lifestyle. We are continually innovating to improve and expand our ecosystem to bring more convenience to Galaxy users and to help them achieve their aspirations.”

He also mentioned the diversity of the region, which includes developing markets where mid-tier smartphones continue to be important drivers for Samsung.

“By having a keen understanding of our target consumers’ needs, we are able to maintain the affordability of our mid-tier smartphones while providing a great mobile experience as we focus on strengthening specifications of priority product features, such as the battery, memory, performance, and 5G capabilities. In addition, various features from the flagship smartphones, such as the enhanced cameras, and dustproof and water resistant, are extended to the Galaxy A series,” said TM Roh.

Shaping the Future with Innovative Sustainability Efforts

Recognizing the role it plays in using technology as a force for good, Samsung has been expanding its Galaxy for the Planet commitment and putting sustainability at the center of its innovations. “I always emphasize the importance of sustainability in every single thing we do, from the way we design, manufacture, and recover materials throughout the product lifecycle to protect our planet.”

He also highlighted how Samsung has been working closely with a group of young inspirational changemakers, who are committed to using technology to innovate for humanity and mobilize global communities, through Generation17. The global partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) aims to advance the 17 Global Goals.

In February this year, two Generation17 Young Leaders from the Southeast Asia and Oceania were invited to join the global initiative for the first time: Tamara Dewi Gondo Soerijo from Indonesia, a social enterprise founder working to empower refugee women by providing upskilling opportunities, and Thuy Anh Ngo from Vietnam, who launched a mobile app to educate the elderly on physical and mental health.

Dominated by a large population of youth, the Southeast Asia and Oceania region has seen a rapid rise in the growth of the digital economy, driven by the ambitions, lifestyles and technological skillsets of young digital natives.

He said, “The reason we, at Samsung, must champion a more open world is that our future demands it. Our younger consumers want authentic, personal experiences as a way to express themselves and create

* Information courtesy of Samsung and IN.FOM *

Asia Tech x Singapore (ATxSG) 2022

Asia’s flagship technology event, Asia Tech x Singapore (ATxSG) 2022 took place from 31st May to 3rd June 2022 in Singapore. A return back to face-to-face exhibitions/conferences/events, it was great to be able to attend ATxSG technology conferences/exhibitions again (CommunicAsia, BroadcastAsia).

With reopening of Singapore’s borders, along with relaxation of safety management measures, ATxSG 2022 brought together 16,600 hybrid attendees from 93 countries and regions, and 26,000 event visits. Held at the Singapore Expo, ATxSG 2022 hosted 600 exhibitors showcasing their latest tech products and services, and more than 350 speakers who shared expert insights across 200 conference sessions.

Attendees at ATxSG 2022 were presented with insights from top-notch thought-leaders from both the public and private sectors, covering the latest technology trends, challenges, and opportunities arising from the ongoing digitalisation of the economy. During my visits to ATxSG 2022, I tried to balance between attending talks and visiting the booths by the exhibitors. There were some very interesting and insightful talks that I managed to attend and listen.

“In collaboration with our partners, we successfully gathered more than 2,000 guests and 80 speakers from 30 countries to discuss current and emerging tech issues and the opportunities to harness the power of digital, to build an inclusive digital future. Singapore also announced our commitment to grow trust in the digital domain with the launch of the National Digital Trust Centre, stepped up our efforts to contribute to the Global Partnership on AI and furthered regional cooperation through a new MoU with Brunei. We would like to thank our esteemed partners, speakers and guests for truly making ATxSummit 2022 a success, and we look forward to them coming back for a more impactful ATxSG 2023,” said Ms. Foo Chi Hsia, Assistant Chief Executive, IMDA.

One of my key highlights at ATxSG 2022 was listening to Mr Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and Executive Chairman of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, he also made an appearance on-site at the ATxEnterprise Headliners to discuss the ongoing technology revolution and how governments and industries can best leverage technology to aid global change.

ATxSG 2022 MOUs and announcements

At ATxSG 2022, participating exhibitors inked several memoranda of understanding (MOU) and made announcements that reaffirmed Singapore and Asia’s continued attractiveness to attract global digital-first disruptors, as well being a regional home to some of the world’s largest and fastest growing digital economies. Here are some of the MOUs and announcements:

  • NCS Telco+ signed an MOU announcing its partnership with Advanced Info Service (AIS), Thailand’s leading provider of mobile services and mobile network operator, to address the digital transformation needs of AIS and other enterprises in the country. The agreement formalises NCS’ support for the digitalisation journey of AIS and the pursuit of joint projects in 5G and IoT transformation, cloud and cybersecurity, enabling enterprises in Thailand to benefit from the combined strengths of AIS’ market leadership and the digital services capabilities of NCS.
  • Global infrastructure as a service (IaaS) company, OneQode, signed an MOU with PLDT Global, the international arm of the Philippines’ largest integrated telco network PLDT Inc. This will help fast-track the deployment of OneQode’s cloud presence in Manila, allowing users in the Philippines to access OneQode’s network and cloud. A presence in Manila will also provide existing OneQode users in Singapore with a redundant connection, should disruptions occur between Guam and Singapore.
  • Quebec-based QSTC Inc, which provides advanced space engineering solutions, signed an agreement with PT. Wahana Telekomunikasi Dirgantara (WTD), a leading provider of satellite services to satellite fleet operators and end customers with in-orbit satellites as a business for their fleets. The agreement sees QSTC Inc providing turnkey UHTP Ka and Q/V band services satellites using a dedicated smart Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) satellite. The satellite will provide coverage over Southeast Asia while demonstrating new and innovative digital communication payloads.

Networking and business opportunities for exhibitors at ATxSG 2022

From C-Suite or key decision makers at their respective organisations, to the delegates and visitors, ATxSG presented significant networking and business opportunities for exhibitors.

  • Mr. Jared Ching, Business Development Manager at DeepBrain AI Inc, a Korean company focused on the use of AI to create lifelike human-based avatars, said: “The event is well-organised, and we are happy with the overall results of our participation at ATxSG. Exposure and turnout were good, with our booth receiving significant foot traffic. This is the first time DeepBrain AI has participated at ATxSG, but we’ll definitely be back.”
  • Mr. Zoro Jiang, Regional Sales Manager, SEA at iBwave, a telecom radio planning software provider, said: “This year’s in-person event is better than 2021’s fully virtual event that we participated in. We were initially anxious in view that this is our first physical event in Singapore, especially as it took place post-COVID-19, but we’re happy with the high-quality leads that we captured. We’re satisfied with how the overall event turned out, and we will most likely be a part of the Canadian Pavillion again next year.”
  • Mr. Kenneth Cheng, Director of Sales, Asia Pacific at NuraLogix Corporation, one of Canada’s fast rising tech companies, said: “ATxSG was the first exhibition in Southeast Asia that NuraLogix participated in to raise awareness of Anura, our patented, science-backed, award winning world’s first contactless blood pressure and health vital sign monitoring solution through a 30 second facial scan. We are extremely encouraged by the number of visitors to our booth trying this state-of-the-art technology, which included international delegates from verticals such as health tech, insurance, automotive, smart home, smart city, wellness, telecommunication, creating significant business leads for NuraLogix. The resumption of physical events and the interaction was a refreshing change from the past two years, and we look forward to the next iteration of ATxSG in 2023.”
  • Ms. Audrey Leong, Founder and CEO, at FloatingOn, a Singapore startup that delivers sustainable life and work solutions that float on water, said: “We are delighted to have successfully showcased our sustainable floating accommodations at InnovFest x Elevating Founders, one of the co-located events at ATxSG. Our participation at the event was fruitful, having met many potential business partners and investors, including venture capitalists (VCs), accelerators, incubators, as well as business and government decision-makers interested in green technology solutions. Face-to-face interactions at the event facilitated deeper and more meaningful conversations and exchange of ideas, helped start or build relationships, and provided an important platform for startups like FloatingOn to launch and showcase our innovative products and solutions.”     

Visiting Start Ups at ATxSG 2022

Whenever possible, I would make a point to visit and check out start ups pavilion at various technology conferences/exhibitions. Visiting start ups at ATxSG 2022 was an eye opener for me, it’s good to see them back in action. While I am unable to visit and chat with all the start ups present, I tried my best to visit and check out as many as possible.

One of the start ups at ATxSG 2022 that came into my radar was FloatingOn. What their business were doing and developing caught my attention and interest, I went to check out their booth and I met Ms. Audrey Leong, Founder and CEO at FloatingOn, had a good chat with her, learning and understanding more about FloatingOn.

What is FloatingOn all about? They are a Singapore start-up, they also announced the launch of a sustainable solution in the form of accommodations that float on water. These modular units can utilise a diverse range of renewable energy sources, which can help land-scarce countries such as Singapore reduce waiting time and cost for new builds. They can also potentially contribute to the creation of an off-grid living environment that can help accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future.

ATxSG – Synergies and Opportunities

With the co-located events at ATxSG, talks and technology showcases, providing synergies and opportunities arising from various segments of the digital economy.

ATxSG has provided opportunities for both public and private sectors, from policymakers, global technology leaders , and public-private decision makers to network, debate, and exchange ideas on the latest technologies that would continue to drive digital innovation, changes and transformation across all sectors of society, thus impacting how people work, live, play and live with technology.

“We would like to congratulate IMDA and Informa Tech on a successful ATxSG, one of the largest business events to take place since the start of the pandemic. ATxSG has reaffirmed Singapore’s ability to stage effective in-person events, which strengthens our position as a leading MICE destination in a post-pandemic world. We look forward to its continued growth in the coming years as Asia’s flagship tech event,” said Mr. Yap Chin Siang, Deputy Chief Executive, Singapore Tourism Board.

“We are thrilled at the resounding success of ATxSG 2022. It demonstrates the welcomed return of large scale MICE events in Singapore, and the feedback we have received from our delegates, sponsors, exhibitors and partners has been very positive and encouraging,” said Mr. Tom Cuthell, Vice President of Global Festivals, Informa Tech. “The increasing pace of innovation and technological advancement will surface many new developments to explore and showcase, and we look forward to Informa’s continued role in shaping the region’s digital transformation with an even bigger, broader ATxSG in 2023.” 

ATxSG 2023

ATxSG 2023 edition returns 6-9 June 2023, looking forward to 2023 edition. The world is still emerging from the lockdowns and downtime from the global pandemic over the 2020 to 2022 period, we should see an even bigger and better turnout for companies, exhibitors, speakers, delegates and visitors for ATxSG 2023.

* Information courtesy of ATxSG and Team Lewis *