Recently, with my collection of personal development and sales books by Joe Girard, indeed, I would probably be classified as having a bit of many books to read, digest and apply. Nevertheless, it did not deter me from continuing to purchase another book, an author that I would like to add on to my current collection and read his works.

The author I decided sometime ago, was Anthony Robbins and the book I chosen was “Awaken the Giant Within”, I happened to find a 30% voucher off the price of the book and decided to add this particular book to my collection at Borders, Wheelock Place.

I also met up with my very old mate, Nick, who was back home for a bit longer time than he usually had, currently based in Hong Kong as a private banker. I knew him for 18 years till date, very long time mates. Had a lot to chat, from our careers to him being the Devil’s Advocate to me reading that many personal development books. Nick asked me, “Why don’t you read autobiography books of people that created an empire out of nothing ?” ….. That was a very good pointer brought up to me, there were entrepreneurs and business owners around the world that will definitely be a good role model for me to learn and emulate from their life and entrepreneur experiences, had a few role models in mind and would be adding them to my collection soon.

I took the opportunity to ask Nick on banking related matters since he is inside the industry and understand more about the mechanisms about them, gained more knowledge today and received great advice on some banking matters.

Looking back, many things had changed for both of us, we all had our own fields and industries to work in and work with. We both had our fair share of ups and downs, many different kinds of experience, many lessons, it wasn’t that long ago that my self-esteem and self-confidence was rock-bottom and it was something that people around me don’t know much about it and it was only through time, through getting older, understanding more about oneself and learning through different fields of personal development, had I climbed myself out today.

Well, there was a healthy debate on the impacts, effects and usefulness of personal development books and courses. We can understand and learn whatever that can be taught, if we don’t have a good strategy and proper execution plan in place, our teachings would never be applied across to our personal life and career. Nick also brought up another pointer, “How badly do you want it ?”, another key factor, how much and how big do you want it, in your life, money or career ? 

I would also like to take this opportunity and blog posting to dedicate to my old mate Nick, thanks for your friendship and congrats on your happiness, a new life ahead for you. In the midst of friendly debates and making fun of each other, there was a certain discussion on being a good role model, well I will keep to this learning, “The challenge, direction, goals and objectives now is to make my future writings to be a LIGHT, not a JUDGE, to be a MODEL, not a CRITIC (from Principle-Centred Leadership)”, therefore, you can set your mind at ease !!!

All the best, old mate Nick ! Catch up with you again soon !

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