The last day of the Chinese Lunar Calender, before the “Change of Command” parade …… welcoming the Year of the Rat.

I need to settle administrative matters for my corporate client’s account and follow up with another business entity’s formal enquiry if the details arrived, tentatively working half day.

Other things to be done:

  1. Spring Cleaning of room and home – paperwork all over the floor, absolute mess.
  2. Prepare camera equipment for my parents who would be traveling to China for holidays.
  3. Take Lunar New Year Fireworks after Reunion Dinner at Esplanade Park.
  4. Get passport renewed via online.
  5. Buy a red polo tee ?
  6. Buy 4D
  7. Any other outstanding matters that is neglected.
  8. Any other matters that might last minute appear.

Going to be another busy day, before 4 solid days of eating bak kwa, pineapple tarts, cookies, egg rolls, sweets, cakes and whatever edible Chinese New Year goodies on the table.

Looking foward to Chinese Lunar New Year !!!!

2 thoughts on “Chinese Lunar Calender Day 30”
  1. The snow storm in China must be very powerful, however, my parents should still be able to cope 🙂

    Thanks for showing me the link ! The food displayed are simply delicious ! Makes me hungry !

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