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Congrats to winning Olympic Silver Medal !

I believed many of us here in Singapore were glued to the television set at 1930hrs on 17th August 2008, the kick off for the Olympics Gold and Silver Medal game for the Women Table Tennis between China and Singapore.

It was a great achievement reaching the final and able to contest for the Gold Medal, first and foremost, we must applaud this awesome feat by our Singapore Ladies Paddlers, remarkable and well done ! To reach the Olympics final, it wold be a great day in our history and a milestone for us, this would definitely help us groom our future generations to fight and train for their dreams and aspirations in the sports field that they choose to take up, and increasing a stronger interest in table tennis for the future.

The challenge against China was difficult and a hill to climb for the Singapore Ladies Paddlers, we gave them a fight for the Gold Medal against all odds and fought till the end. Even we didn’t win the Gold Medal, our Singapore Ladies Paddlers can hold their heads up high and proud, on their heroic actions !

In the battle for Gold Medal, it was a highly inspiring and vocal crowd, cheering on their beloved home team, however, it was a great and sporting gesture by the officials in the arena, to ask the crowds to cheer for Team Singapore too ! That’s the Olympics Spirit for you !

We won the Silver Medal and it was an awesome and remarkable achievement by Li Jia Wei, Feng Tian Wei and Wang Yue Gu. Let us all enjoy their Olympic sporting glory and achievements ! 

Congrats on winning the Olympic Silver in Women Table Tennis !

4 thoughts on “Congrats to winning Olympic Silver Medal !

  • Kudos to our Team Singapore! Though they are China-born Singaporeans, but I really don’t care, cos I am very touched by the way they played the game. They are so determined, so focused and full of fighting spirits when facing such strong and experienced opponents like the South Koreans and the mighty Chinese team. I really admire Olympians with such a never-say-die attitude!

  • Congratulate for every effort, with the name of Olympic spirit.

  • Hi Eunice

    Agreed with you ! They are a very good example for everybody to emulate and learn from !

    3 Cheers to them !

  • Hi iWalk

    Thank you for your well-wishes ! Let the games continue in the name of the Olympic sporting spirit !

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