Arriving in the early morning at about 0800 hrs, we finally made our way to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, after 4 hours driving on the North-South Highway, reaching our destination, Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre, Hall A & B.

Upon reaching the convention halls, there were already many people there, busy registering their attendance for the Millionaire Mindset Intensive, after finding my way to our registration table, we got ourselves signed up and given a orange wrist band for identification for re-entry permit in the next 3 days of seminar. My companion for this seminar was Patrick and we went inside to sit down and find seats, leaving Jack Lan to head into Kuala Lumpur City searching for a hotel.

While we were waiting, it was a different and wonderful experience to be attending courses and seminars in an overseas country, mingling around with our friendly Malaysians and chatting with them while waiting for the seminar to start. It was something that I looked foward to, the great T. Harv Eker, whose book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” gave me a mind blowing change and greater understanding of my business framework management.

Attending the Millionaire Mindset Intensive after reading the book, it was a transformation of the book’s teachings to real life action, especially when Harv came out and started his coaching. In the next few posts, I would write a summary of the learning and wisdom that was dawned upon me before I proceed to do a book chapter review of the book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” later.

Before starting, we had a carrier bag with a notebook/workbook inside and there was an objective for us, on what we intended to achieve from this course. For me, it was the following:

  • Personal Breakthrough
  • Financial Freedom
  • Emotional Freedom

A key factor in attending Harv’s seminar was “not here to learn as much as to unlearn” and the first step to CHANGE is AWARENESS. There were a number of pages exercises on Money Associations Exercise and Belief Questionnaires, the initial beliefs and programming that were currently stuck in our brain prior to attending this seminar. This segment was of great importance as it gave me a deep insight into my historical roots and experiences about my money blueprint, something provoking and enlightening after self-discovery at the end of the 3rd day.

Another key teaching that will definitely sunk into my heart, soul and mind will be “Successful People COMPLETE what they start“, a simple yet such a powerful statement, that is applicable to everything we do in our life, not just our job or career.

Have you ever wonder why people fail a lot ? The No. 1 reason most people don’t get what they want is because they don’t KNOW what they want ! This phrase of wisdom is indeed so powerful and I did remembering encountering this issue before in the early days of my work as an employee and later as an entrepreneur.

During the entire seminar, the participants were regularly asked to stand up, place their hand over their heart and repeated declarations of positive thinking and powerful phrases to reinforce the wisdom and teachings into our subconscious mind. For people who had not experienced it before, they find it unconvincing, well, I was there doing it and it definitely had a giant impact towards me, reinforcing my thoughts, learnings and positive emotions.

It was a great Day 1 and the start of my enlightenment, learning and personal changes phase. Although I was really tired from my road trip up (approximately 2 hours of sleep), I knew my decision to come up for the 3 days Millionaire Mindset Intensive in KL will be one of the greatest decisions that I will make in my life.

Stay tuned for Day 2 !

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