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Day 2 @ Millionaire Mindset Intensive - 24th May 2008 - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

Day 2 at the Millionaire Mindset Intensive, the start of another great day of learning and understanding more about ourselves internally. Due to intensive nature of the seminars, I might overlapped each day’s teachings across the 3 days.

Another key point that was brought up by Harv’s teachings were how the Poor and Rich People work differently. Broke people worked to earn money to pay for their current lifestyle while Rich People worked to earn money to INVEST and to create PASSIVE INCOME structures to win the Money Game and become FINANCIALLY FREE.

Therefore, to be FINANCIALLY FREE, we need to work on creating PASSIVE BUSINESS income streams and structures. In your mind, what kind of business streams or structures would be suitable PASSIVE BUSINESS ? To become truly FINANCIALLY FREE is when your passive income is greater than your expenses. Basically, there are TWO sources of Passive Income –

  1. Investment Income (Money Working For You)
  2. Outgoing Passive Business Income (Business Working For You)

Financial Freedom = Working Income + Savings + Investments + Passive Income + Simplify

The secret is to have multiple streams of passive income. Currently, for my business framework setup, I had setup for 4 multiple sources of passive income, however, after this enlightening session, I came back to work and create more multiple sources of passive income while concurrently improving my present 4 multiple sources of passive income because, no doubt they were up and running but it had not given me the regular passive income necessary to out beat my expenses.

Many a times, the entire participants inside the Halls were asked to stand up and pledged Money Blueprint Rules, with our hands over our hearts, reciting the rules out loud. Again, to some readers, it must be crazy, well, doing it constantly, u reinforced the teachings into your mind, heart and soul, not just your brain.

It dawned upon us slowly that our external physical world is deeply entrenched by our roots, e.g. the tree bearing fruits, to change the fruits, we have to change the roots, the cause of the problems and growth. Our physical world is a printout of the Mental + Emotional + Spiritual worlds. Therefore, the only way to PERMANENTLY change your OUTER world is to first change your INNER world. Without realising it, our personal money and success blueprint is already entrenched in our SUBCONSCIOUS mind and this is how it is currently running our present life.

The power of beliefs cannot be underestimated as it can be empowering or disempowering. We only need to simply look at your life to identify the beliefs that were living inside us. We will always ACT or NOT ACT, in accordance with your predominant beliefs, and these actions would create our results. To understand ourselves, this would lead to the second step in change. During the seminar, we were asked to write down on our experiences we had with regards to money, wealth and rich people as a child and reflecting on situations in our life that had an impact in one way or another towards our money blueprint.

It was a self-actualisation exercise, digging deep into my inner feelings and history, realising that it had been inside me for about about 2 decades, clashing with my hardworking, savers and business owners mindset that was also inside me, causing a divide in my thoughts and emotions, thus, making me write down that “Money is the Root of all Evil”. Upon probing further into my deeper and inner self, the natural and 3rd step is to RECONDITION my corrupted program files.

At the end of Day 2, it had an awesome impact and change slowly bearing and transforming inside me. It was not comfortable especially dealing with deep roots, thoughts, history and emotions. Nevertheless, it was a blessing too.

More to come on Day 3. Stay tuned !

2 thoughts on “Day 2 @ Millionaire Mindset Intensive – 24th May 2008”
  1. You are so right? I enjoyed this post. Multiple streams is the only way to go… seriously. I believe you should do the things you love and combine that with what will allow you to work smart, not hard. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi VeRonda,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog ! Glad that you liked this post and really appreciate your encouragement to do the things I love and combine that with what will allow me to work smart.

    Do drop by often !

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