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Finally, Home Sweet Home ! - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

For the past 8 weeks, I had not been able to go home due to my accident, whereby I was operated and treated in an acute hospital for 1 week before transferring to a community hospital for rehabilitation and physiotherapy for 7 weeks. From my earlier posts, especially the 1st 2 weeks, it wasn’t easy for me and with the support of family, relatives, friends, colleagues and caring medical staff and therapy staff, I was able to make a pretty smooth and on track recovery for my injuries.

Finally the green light was given for me to return home, whereby I am in a much better and capable position to take care of myself at home. It was a relief for me and nothing could hide my joy that I am finally able to go home, with my comfortable big bed and my television filled with different cable tv channels.

As much as I am very happy to be home, I felt a sense of sadness too … those feelings when friends or close colleagues leaving. The doctors, nurses, support staff and of course, my physiotherapists and occupational therapist, everybody took great care of me and there were good friendship (more than me being a patient there!) among us. My fellow patients, those uncles that always had very interesting stories to share about their life and work experiences and family matters, always had fun chatting, helping and looking out for each another. When I was discharged, my parents bought for them a cake (no idea what kind of cake though) as a goodwill and thank you gift to all the staff of the ward that took great care of me, hope they enjoy it !

Looking forward, there’s still a bit of road to climb, on my road to recovery…. Slowly, I would integrate myself back into normal life, business, work, leisure and recreation.

Thank You to the lovely medical and therapy staff that took care of me !

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