What is Happiness served? When I first of this initiative and event via Facebook, I decided to drop by down Tiong Bahru and take a look for myself what this initiative and event was all about.

Happiness Served is about celebrating and recognising great service experiences for everyone involved – the service staff, the business owners and you. The topic on our service industry, service culture and our service experiences in Singapore had always been actively discussed and there were areas to work on and improve. Happiness Served helps to get everyone involved, appreciating and understanding more about our service industry, everyone of us plays a part to make our service industry a better place for all, from the customers to the service staff and businesses. Happiness Served is now happening at Tiong Bahru from 7th September 2013 to 22nd September 2013. Let’s all celebrate Great Service! To find out more, please visit http://HappinessServed.sg/

When you are visiting Tiong Bahru for Happiness Served, you can participate too! Recognise and appreciate the service staff and their businesses if you have Happiness Served! Here’s how you can take part –

Step 1: Visit any participating store in the neighbourhood
Step 2: Snap a picture of the service staff who served you well
Step 3: Hashtag #HappinessServed:) and add the store’s location on Instagram

If you are not on Instagram, don’t worry! Just fill in the names of your favourite store and staff on voting slips before dropping them into voting boxes in the vicinity.

During the first weekend on 7th September 2013, I visited Tiong Bahru for Happiness Served and I visited Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry and The Dispensary. It was definitely Happiness Served for me and I will be back visiting them again for more coverage with my photographs and stories of their businesses, food, and history! They were very friendly and very hospitable folks!

Do drop by Tiong Bahru for Happiness Served, celebrate and recognise Great Service! Together, we can all make an impact and a difference to our service experience!

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