On 9th August 2013, Singapore celebrated her 48th Birthday. Watching the National Flag Flypast at the Marina Bay over the Marina Bay Floating Platform and Grandstand Gallery, you felt the pride over her journey/achievements from a small city with many unknown challenges when she gained independent till today, the modern cosmopolitan vibrant country.

While there were some hiccups over the past few years and things were not perfect. We are making the changes that we hope to see coming in the future to make Singapore a better place to live in. A transition phase and a time to consolidate together, we can all make a difference and Singapore a more cohesive and less stressful environment to live in. This is my Home, a reminder to myself, be grateful and appreciative, and to contribute and make a difference in my own unique ways.


Wishing Singapore a Happy 48th Birthday and many more birthdays to come!

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