In a short week, the region of Asia-Pacific region suffered natural disasters of different magnitudes and significant damage were inflicted on their local communities.

They were in the news, Typhoon Ketsana swept across Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, earthquake off Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia. Switch on your local news network and there would be updates and reports in these 2 areas. Aid from various countries in many different methods were underway or already in the affected regions to help the local people in the affected regions.

We all can help in different ways, some contribute and raise funds for the people in need, some went over to volunteer their time, specialisations and skills, while you can also help to spread the cause and highlight the various non-profit organisations helping these people.

Worldvision Singapore and Singapore Red Cross Society are examples of such organisations raising funds, aid and people to the affected regions. Do drop by their websites and help out people in need ! Let’s Pay It Forward, help people and bring smile and happiness back into their life !

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