To sell ourselves successfully, we must have absolute confidence in ourselves, plus a confidence that we will not fail in the sale. There is no such thing as no confidence. Confidence breeds courage, building self-confidence is actually putting confidence in ourselves when we sell ourselves. Building self-confidence is very important, like children’s building blocks, we adults find ourselves knocked down and having to build ourselves back up all over again.

There are 2 most powerful words in this world, they are FAITH and FEAR. Faith in yourself, faith in others, faith in your abilities, faith in today, faith in your future, if we do not have faith in ourselves, who else will have in us ? Fear that we can’t be or do something, fear that we might fail. 

Fear and Faith, Failure and Success. A very important truth of wisdom from Joe Girard, “One of the best ways to build faith and confidence in yourself is to accept it from others”.

In our everyday life, there would always be two thoughts speaking into your ears, Faith and Fear, one whispering in each side of your ear. How to handle such faith-fear whisperings ? The answer lies in the MIND, where the captain of the ship is controlling it, the size of an eraser, with strong control and great exercise, powerful changes can occur. 

However, only 5% of the people let themselves be controlled by their minds. The other 95% are controlled by their bodies. Therefore, too few of us are guided by our faith, while too many of us are led by fear.

There are 5 Rules to Get Rid of FEAR – 

  1. Believe in Yourself
  2. Associate with Confident People
  3. Tune up your Confidence Machine
  4. Be Master of Your Ship
  5. Keep Busy

(Adapted from “How to SELL Yourself”, Chapter THREE: Building Self-Confidence and Courage, by Joe Girard) 

Based on my personal experiences, my Life, work, career, business and personal, I was at times when I was extremely low in self-confidence and lacking courage, I understood how difficult it could be, how tough it was to pick ourselves up again from the pit bottoms, like Joe Girard did in his sharing. 

There were times when I encouraged people to go for their dreams, aspirations, goals and objectives and avoid destroying their self-confidence, courage and dreams. It wasn’t reciprocated and they would find things to destroy the things I built up. Nevertheless, I would still continue to bless people and encourage them with BELIEF, FAITH and NOT FEAR !

When I entered the entrepreneur and consultancy business, it was a moment of very lows, lots of hurt inside me, in the first year of my business, it just got rock bottom, stuck at the bottom of the 20,000 feet under the sea. I was hit really badly from all angles, from my people around me to the people outside me…

Looking back, it was a very slow climb up from the bottom pit, I myself can’t even put to a time frame how long I got back to a platform whereby I could fight and breakthrough on my qualities, talents and experiences, with my self-confidence slowly building back, I slowly rebuild my business and expanded them!

I would like to dedicate this very special post to those people who stood by me, believed in me and encouraged me in my journey as an entrepreneur. 

For those who had criticised, put me down and took away my self-confidence and courage, thank you for your learning experiences you gave me, I will continue to bless you people with my belief and faith in you people, in whatever you pursue, your dreams, goals and aspirations!

Folks, you can build up your self-confidence and courage….. Remember to have FAITH in yourself !

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  1. Hi iWalk,

    I might had heard it before, it was a beautiful movie with very nice music ….

    Would look for the song and listen to it !

    Thanks !

  2. Hi footiam,

    It will definitely be better to rule with our mind and not how our body reacts and developing a meaningful life with strong principles.

    Thanks for dropping by !

  3. Self esteem is your own personal view of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Everyone has a different view of themselves, but keeping a positive outlook will benefit you more than a negative one. Many individuals suffer from low self esteem for a variety of reasons and need to build their self esteem in order to succeed in life. Remember, the only one who can make you excel is you and no one else. The same goes for self esteem. The only person who can build up?or consequentially tear down?your self esteem is you. Although other individuals may aide the process, the end decision is yours.’

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