Dear readers,


Thank you for dropping by into my personal blog. Blogging is not new to me, however, using the WordPress platform is totally new and this is 3rd day of using WordPress.


I am in the process of learning & building up my personal blog, under the guidance of Jack the Internet Marketing Guru, all learning materials came from MoneyFromBlog, a great site for you to start and learn blogging using WordPress.


Please bear with the plain and boring pages while I am building up my personal blog, it is scheduled to go LIVE officially on 10th January 2008.

Currently, I am doing a number of site tests, changes, pings and developments. Please bear with me while I am also changing and testing out different templates.






Photojournalism, Travel and Nature Photography


Flickr: Photos from tangenghui

2 thoughts on “In the process of learning & building up my personal blog”
  1. I love wordpress and have been using it for ages – it’s absolutely the best way to blog… I hope you love it and get as much ease and joy out of it that I do!

  2. G’day mate,

    Thanks for dropping by my new blog ! I agree with you, WordPress gives me a lot of control to manage my blog. I am still learning the ropes with WordPress and I am slowly progressing to using WordPress without difficulty.



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