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Kickstarting Year of Dragon 2024 Technology and Personal Writing Adventures - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

Chinese New Year 2024 festive celebrations are over after 15 days of celebrations. You probably have not seen much articles published or even updates on my websites TGH Technology and Business portal/blog and TGH Photography and Travel portal/blog, as well as on my other social media platforms. A mix bag of reasons, I am slowing down on social media whenever possible, as well as doing work behind the scenes, along with discussions and plannings for the year 2024.

A quiet and low key Year of Dragon Lunar New Year 2024 celebrations

Year of Dragon Chinese New Year 2024 celebration was quiet and low key, not showing much on social media platforms. I had a few small gatherings, not many Lou Hei tossing and Chinese New Year dinners. This is probably due to feeling jaded and not having too much of a festive feel for  Chinese New Year over the years gone by.

The slowdown in content creation and publishing articles

Why is there a slowdown in content creation and publishing articles? A key part of it is the hustle and bustle establishing photography business partnerships/assignments for year 2024 in January and February 2024.

The month of January 2024 was also a time of spring cleaning, together with inevitable replacement of spoilt/old items with new ones. Year of Dragon 2024 Chinese New Year spring cleaning for me was one of my more extensive/intensive till date, it was somehow deeply satisfying and therapeutic.

Time to “Transcend” the fire and kickstart Year of Dragon 2024 technology and personal writing adventures

My yearly theme 2024 for business, technology and personal is “Transcend”. The time is now to “Transcend” and kickstart my technology and writing adventures in Year of Dragon 2024.

First and foremost, I would need to clear my technology news coverage backlogs. After that, I am continuing on my Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in-depth stories for Year 2024. The other key area that I am interested in is on “Sustainability”.

On my personal writing, I am always striving to improve on my writing and storytelling, in my technology and visual storytelling with my photography. I have some writing and creative projects in my lineup for Year 2024, I hope that I am able to bring it to life.

More updates along the way

Yes, I have kick-started my Year of Dragon 2024 technology and personal writing adventures, that might be some ideas/thoughts that I didn’t manage to write and publish inside this article at that point in time. There would also be updates along the way as and when possible on the developments and stages of my technology and personal writing adventures.

I am also kickstarting Year of Dragon 2024 Visual Storytelling Adventures! Have a great Year of the Dragon 2024 ahead!   

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