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Of Markets, Updates, Outstanding To-Do-Stuff - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

It’s been a month of ups and downs, many things to be done, many things to write, blog, share, mentor and take more photographs. It’s more than just another boring update…….

The markets had been in the spotlight of the newspapers, daily life coffee shop talk among the heartlanders, some world economies were suffering and hurting, bleeding so badly that some countries could almost went under. No need for me to add more stuff here, when I crystalised my thoughts and teachings, sharing would be done here.

A lot of outstanding To-Do-Stuff, many things stacked up, some uncompleted, some went beyond further than expected.

– Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon is coming on 7th December 2008, again, another 1 month of crash course physical fitness training and marathon training. My 4th Marathon till date.

– Holidays have been postponed due to prudence in spending and saving, reshuffling holiday plans. Sorry to disappoint any friends out there that I promised to visit.

– Book chapter reviews had slowed down, need to get back and continuously read, learn, upgrade, apply, fine tune and repeat the good steps, that would help in personal growth, development and career development.

– To be a Shining Light and direction for my clients under my advisory, consultancy and care, especially in this period of weak sentiments, slow economic growth and uncertainty.

– Planning something to help my alumni, Dragon Scout Group đŸ˜‰

– Finding volunteer male and female models for my indoor portrait photography learning shoot.

– Getting ready for entry into investments !!! It’s Time !!!

– Finding and settling down on a permanent template for my new photoblog. Do drop by and take a look!

– Any other outstanding matters that I blogged and posted and I had not completed.

A pretty long list of stuff ……………. Anything more that I missed out ?

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