On a friday night, 7th November 2008, 1 month away from the Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon 2008. I decided to start my 1 month crash course training program for my upcoming 4th Marathon. If it was my 1st attempt, I would be very anxious, however, I am a little bit more experienced than before and able to plan for it better.

It was initially planned for a 10km run, with Jack Lan, however, being out of fitness training (gym or running) for about 1-2 months, my physical conditioning wasn’t that ideal and we only ran about 7km. It’s a clear sign that I had to run more mileage to bring back up my physical conditioning again. 

Well, just to share with fellow marathoners/runners, this would be a good few tips to prepare for your marathon training.

(1) Lose some weight during these 4 weeks – my target is to lose 5kg in 4 weeks

(2) Gym training – muscle toning and strength training for the knees and legs

(3) Running – plan and gain the mileage over the next 4 weeks

(4) Diet – don’t eat too much !

For the next coming week, I would have to clock in more runs before hitting my 15km target next weekend. 

Staying focused for my marathon, keeping fit and healthy and keeping my mind clear again from the market turmoil and market uncertainties – having such runs, exercises and training helps you beyond whatever you can imagine.

Keep fit and healthy folks !

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