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5 month old Macbook down !

The Macbook that I got on 13th June 2008 was hitted by some techhnical issues that I couldn’t resolve yet. Now currently had to borrow my mum’s laptop to check my emails for the night.

When I boot up, there were 3 beep sounds, checking the forums, it seems to be the RAM issue, I would bring it to find some technical help tomorrow morning and hope to get it solved and working again, and I hope I don’t have to bring it to Apple Singapore because it would mean sometime away and affecting my work.

Hope this doesn’t dampen my belief and support for Apple products, a few crashes recently, my 3G iPhone and now my Macbook.

2 thoughts on “5 month old Macbook down !

  • What a bad news!

    My iBook, which bought at 2002, still work well. Though I seldom use it these two years.

    Hope it will be resolved as quickly as possible.

  • My macbook is back running again ! Would share on my troubleshooting adventure on Macbook soon !

    Thanks for your support !

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