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Jabra Christmas Gift Guide 2022

We are now into the month of December 2022, the final month of year 2022, this is also the festive Christmas season, a time for festive season celebrations, gatherings with family and friends! Time to buy Christmas gifts for your family, loved ones and friends. Continuing on with my annual sharing of Jabra Christmas gift guide since 2020, let me share with my readers: Jabra Christmas Gift Guide 2022!

For people who are always on the move

Jabra Elite 5 

For people who are always on the move, the Jabra Elite 5 is ideal for them. Jabra Elite 5 comes with 7 hours of battery life to keep up with their on-the-move lifestyle. Keep the holiday spirits up by immersing in your favourite music and songs while keeping in touch with your family and friends with the touch of a button.

With outstanding noise isolation, the Jabra Elite 5 ensures you’re undisturbed by surrounding noise even when you’re in crowded public areas. It also enables you to take calls anywhere with its 6-microphone call technology.

The Elite 5 comes in Titanium Black and Gold Beige.

Key features:

  • Adjustable Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and HearThrough
  • 6-mic call technology with wind noise suppression
  • Built-in Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant
  • Connect to two devices seamlessly with Bluetooth® Multipoint
  • Use either earbud with mono mode
  • Dust and water resistant
  • Up to 7 hours battery, 28 hours with case

Pricing and Availability 

The Jabra Elite 5 is priced at S$228, you can purchase it here!

For the sports and fitness junkies

Jabra Elite 4 Active

For the sports and fitness junkies, the new Jabra Elite 4 Active is going to be your ideal workout companion as you eat hard, train harder and burn off those holiday carbs!

The Elite 4 Active features four built-in microphones, plus ANC to filter out background noise and adjustable HearThrough for added awareness during your outdoor workouts. The microphone mesh removes wind from calls, ensuring you’re heard loud and clear.

It also has a fast charge feature which gives you up to a full hour of playback in just 10 minutes of charging in its charging case, perfect for spontaneous workout sessions.

The Elite 4 Active comes in Navy, Light Mint and Black.

Key features:

  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and Adjustable HearThrough
  • 4-mic call technology with wind noise suppression
  • Built-in Alexa (Android only), Siri and Google Assistant
  • Use either earbud with mono mode
  • IP57-rated sweatproof protection
  • Fast charge with up to 1 hour of use, when charging for 10 minutes in charging case
  • Up to 7 hours of battery, 28 with the case

Pricing and Availability

The Jabra Elite 4 Active is priced at S$138, you can purchase it here!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas 2022 in advance! Have a great and fun festive season and gatherings with your family, loved ones and friends! Happy Christmas shopping with Jabra!

* Information and pictures courtesy of Jabra and Gloo *

Jabra Connect 5t – True wireless earbuds for remote work

Jabra, a world leader in personal sound and office solutions, recently announced the Jabra Connect 5t – True wireless earbuds for remote work. The Jabra Connect 5t is the 3rd product in Jabra’s Connect series line-up, joining the Connect 4h, a flexible headset, and the Jabra Connect 4s, a portable speakerphone, a range of products created for those who want to choose their flexible, remote working solutions at retail. The Jabra Connect 5t brings the benefits of true wireless earbuds to the series and promises to be a sound remote-working companion.

In this new future of work era, working from home is becoming a standard. Therefore, having the right tools and technology a top priority for most, if not all. According to Jabra’s Hybrid Ways of Working 2022 Global Report, 57% of employees are opting for a flexible work model while 28% are fully remote. With that in mind, the Jabra Connect 5t is engineered for those working from home looking for earbuds for both home working and leisure use.


Work from anywhere, anytime

For those who choose to work remotely, they should be just as efficient as working from the office. Jabra’s Connect 5t ensures that with its Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation and wind noise suppression. The earbuds have a combination of inward-facing and outward-facing microphones, cancelling noise from inside and outside of the ear and enabling hybrid working professionals to focus on calls without distraction.

The 6-mic call technology also mean high-quality and crisp audio on calls and 6mm speakers can power up your work playlist with rich sound. The earbuds also have SBC, AAC and Qualcomm® aptX™ codecs to enhance the sound even further.

Does the Jabra Connect 5t looks familiar to you? They are based on the recently announced Elite 5 earbuds, they allow you to stay connected to 2 devices at once, like a laptop and a smartphone, with its Bluetooth Multipoint feature. For Android or Windows users, the Google Fast Pair and Microsoft Swift Pair will connect the earbuds in seconds, allowing effortless switching and manoeuvring. With the Spotify Tap playback, all the music the user could ever wish for is accessible on tap.

Users can get up to 7 hours in the buds, with up to a total of 28 hours with the included Qi-certified wireless charging case and pad. The fast charge feature gives users an hour of power in ten minutes – perfect for all-day calls.

“We all know the pains of having poor audio quality on calls or from being in a noisy environment. Our vision for the Jabra Connect line is guided by our desire for people to look and sound professional no matter where they are at home. Everyone should have the freedom and ability to work on the go, so the Connect 5t is a perfect addition to empower people,” says Calum MacDougall, SVP at Jabra.

The Jabra Connect line consists of the new Connect 5t, alongside the over-the-head Connect 4h which delivers a different call experience from the PC, as well as the Connect 4s which gives you a professional-grade speakerphone in your home for conference conversations.

Summary of the Jabra Connect 5t Key Features

  • 6-mic technology – Clear calls for virtual meetings
  • Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation – Blocks out surrounding noise for better concentration
  • Smart connectivity options – Connect to two devices at one time with the Bluetooth Multipoint connection and enjoy Google Fast Pair and/or Microsoft Swift Pair to be connected in seconds. Spotify Tap gives easy on tap access to music
  • Up to 7 hours battery, 28 hours with the case – All-day work calls. Wireless charging pad included
  • 6mm speakers – Ensures rich, satisfying sounds in and out of office hours
  • Hands-free voice assistants – Google Assistant (Android Only) and Alexa built-in for hands-free assistance on-the-go
  • Wireless charging pad included

Pricing and Availability

The Jabra Connect 5t will be available from 7th October 2022 in Jabra’s official store in Lazada and Shopee, MSRP S$258.

If you like to know more about the Jabra Connect 5t at https://www.jabra.com/connect5t. You can find out more about the other Jabra Connect products via Connect 4h and Connect 4s.

* Information and pictures courtesy of Jabra and Gloo *

New all-round hero Jabra Elite 5

Jabra, a world leader in personal sound and office solutions, introduces its new all-round hero Jabra Elite 5, the newest addition to its true wireless range. It’s made for those who need to take calls anywhere and is also perfect for enjoying media during leisure time. The Jabra Elite 5 true wireless earbuds help people to escape a busy day and immerse themselves into media or connect with friends and family on-the-go with the touch of a button.

New Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

Equipped with a new Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), powered by the Qualcomm QCC3050 Bluetooth chipset, giving Jabra Elite 5 users the possibility to fully focus on the tasks at hand. The Hybrid ANC uses feedback microphones on the inside of the ear, and feedforward microphones on the outside.

The ANC performance is therefore less sensitive to how you position the buds in the ear and it ensures a more reliable noise cancellation across a wider range of frequencies.

Take calls with confidence

With the Jabra Elite 5, you can take calls with confidence, thanks to the 6-microphone call technology with external mics that are active all the time, and internal ones giving your voice a helping hand when it’s windy. When you are wearing the earbuds, you will experience excellent sound from 6mm speakers and Qualcomm® aptX™ Audio, AAC and SBC codecs. We’ve also teamed up with Spotify to offer users Spotify Tap Playback.

Design and Aesthetics

For those seeking a sleek and portable earbud design, look no further than the Elite 5. The earbuds offer a discreet, comfortable, and compact fit. They provide not just a fashionable appearance, but a seamless experience by connecting to devices and apps easily, facilitating work and play from anywhere. This enhanced connectivity is supported by Bluetooth Multipoint, Google Fast Pair*, Microsoft Swift pair*, Google Assistant**, and Alexa Built-In activated through voice.

Even after the 7 hours play time with ANC on (28 hours with case), they still provide an all-day wearing comfort. The Elite 5 doesn’t stop there – the buds also deliver a customisable EQ, and can handle rain or shine, as they boast an IP55 durability rating.

Calum MacDougall, SVP at Jabra, said: “Today’s fast-paced society is decreasing attention spans whilst increasing the potential for distraction, making it more and more difficult to zone in on what’s important. Jabra understands this need and has engineered the Jabra Elite 5, offering the chance to truly focus, connect and call with a clear mind. This all-rounder is perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in music, are socially oriented and virtually connected.”

Jabra Elite 5 key features and specifications:

  • Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) blocks more background noise, powered by the Qualcomm QCC3050 Bluetooth SoC
  • 6-microphone call technology with wind noise suppression
  • Powerful 6mm speakers for goosebump-inducing, heart-racing, soaring sound
  • Customizable EQ and Spotify Tap Playback
  • Up to 7 hours play time with ANC on (up to 28 hours with wireless charging case)
  • Qualcomm® aptX™ Audio
  • Google Assistant** and Alexa Built In for hands-free assistance on-the-go
  • Easy pairing with Google Fast Pair* and Microsoft Swift Pair*
  • Bluetooth Multipoint keeps you connected to two devices at once
  • IP55-rated protection against dust and water

Pricing and Availability

The Jabra Elite 5 is available from 15th September 2022 at all authorised retailers including Jabra’s retail store in Lazada and Shopee at MSRP $228.

Pre-order for the Jabra Elite 5 starts from 5th to 14th September 2022. There is a complimentary $30 CapitaLand voucher that will be given with every purchase of the Jabra Elite 5.

For more information about Jabra Elite 5, please visit www.jabra.com/elite.


*Google Fast Pair compatible with Android OS 6.0 or higher. Microsoft Swift Pair compatible with Windows 10 or higher.

**Android only

*** Information and pictures courtesy of Jabra and Gloo ***