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Popular Microsoft Selfie App Updated!

For fans of selfie photo taking, I have news and updates to share with you folks, the popular Microsoft Selfie App is updated with social sharing and 8 new Asian languages. The Microsoft Selfie App was released in December 2015 and it is among the best apps for iOS with over a million download.

Let me share with you some key information and details from the Microsoft blog post article

New portrait enhancement technique called Digital Face Clean, which intelligently removes undesired features like wrinkles and baggy eyelids, while preserving desired characteristics like hair, moustaches, tattoos and accessories.

  • Support for a total of 31 languages, including Chinese (Traditional), Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, or Hindi.
  • Easier social sharing;
  • Updated user interface;
  • Selfie stick compatibility;
  • Timer to capture the perfect selfie.

First launched in December 2015, the app has already been downloaded more than a million times, and differentiates itself from other selfie apps by leveraging Microsoft Research’s Face API.

The technology helps determine the age, gender, and skin tone of a person, and avoids the exaggerated refinements that limit the effectiveness of other selfie apps.

The Microsoft Face API is part of the Microsoft Cognitive Services, a suite of intelligent APIs that also powers other popular experiences like How-Old.netTwinsOrNot.net and MyMoustache.net.

*Information Courtesy of Microsoft Singapore and IN.FOM*