Double Rainbow spotted on 8th July 2017

A rainbow, a beautiful sight on Earth, one of the many wonders by our Mother Nature. I was able to spot rainbow a number of times over the years at different locations in Singapore, it’s always a blessing to be able to see a rainbow.

A double rainbow, is much harder to spot and I haven’t personally spot a double rainbow since the year 2012, check out my previous post here when I shared about my double rainbow story!

On 8th July 2017, I was at the Marina Bay area, on the Esplanade side, photographing National Day Parade (NDP) 2017 rehearsal, this was the National Education 2 (NE2) show. While photographing the pre-parade performances around the Marina Bay, a rainbow appeared above and behind the skyline of Marina Bay Sands! The sight was really gorgeous! A lot of the visitors present around Marina Bay were probably photographing away the view of the rainbow!

As the time quickly progressed, a faint second rainbow appeared at the side of the main rainbow! Finally, I managed to spot a double rainbow again! I quickly turned my attention to the double rainbow, photographing and capturing this wonderful image down on my cameras and my memories. This photograph, was a perfect theme for my number 5,000th post on Instagram, a personal milestone for me, a perfect fit with this double rainbow!

It’s not easy at all to spot a double rainbow and this is a blessing for me, considering the difficult and tough times for my photography business. I am glad that I managed to capture this with the Huawei P10 Plus, a smartphone that I am reviewing currently!

This article titled “Journey with me along with Huawei P10 Plus“, is a prelude to my review articles and photographs that I would be sharing at the end of the Huawei P10 Plus review. For the next few weeks, walk with me, through my eyes, thoughts, views and journeys with the Huawei P10 Plus.

I am also taking this opportunity to constantly remind myself again and again, in this post that I wrote … it’s time to return back to creating quality content with my photographs and stories, through my own vision and direction.

Concentrating and focusing on this area, I can let the toxic and bad wolfs stay away from my brain, heart and soul. I must and I need to let go of the toxic and nasty people around me.

The Huawei P10 Plus smartphone review set is like a lucky star for me, spotting the double rainbow and re-igniting the photography and creative spark inside me again.

You’ll Never Walk Alone! Onward!

Huawei P9 and P9 Plus

A smartphone that recently made the headlines among the smartphone users and photographers, it is a smartphone equipped with dual lens technology from a world famous iconic camera brand, Leica Camera AG. The Huawei P9 and P9 Plus are the latest flagship devices from Huawei, with this special partnership with Leica, I personally think they would be a good fit together and attract the mobile phone photography users to these two models.

Being a smartphone / mobile phone photographer myself, this is an attractive smartphone that I can use for both work/leisure and mobile phone photography. The opportunity to take monochrome photographs from the Huawei P9 and P9 Plus smartphone, is pretty exciting and attractive for me! I am keen to own the Huawei P9, let’s hope there is a chance in the near future to test it out too!

Huawei P9

Let me share with you more information regarding the Huawei P9 and P9 Plus from the press release information below:

Huawei Consumer Business Group launched the Huawei P9 and P9 Plus, the first smartphones co-engineered with the global iconic brand, Leica Camera AG. The P9’s dual-lens camera takes smartphone photography to the next level, allowing people to capture both vivid colours, as well as striking black and white images.

“Huawei is excited to give P9 users the best smartphone photography experience by leveraging the unrivalled capabilities of Leica, the leader in the world of imaging for more than 100 years,” said Richard Yu, CEO, Huawei Consumer Business Group. “Consumers around the world use their smartphones to take billions of pictures each year, making photography critical to the user experience. P9 users can now capture images with unmatched clarity, richness and authenticity, with a masterfully designed and powerful smartphone that looks and feels incredible.”

Reinventing Smartphone Photography
Integrating the design values and engineering excellence of both Huawei and Leica in a smartphone photography system co-engineered by the two companies, the P9 brings together best-in-class hardware and software, from optical lenses and sensors, to image processing algorithms, empowering users to capture the highest-quality images.

Key to the P9’s superlative imaging capabilities is a dual-camera design that fully unleashes the power of Leica’s optical lenses, renowned for precision and attention to detail, and subject to the industry’s most stringent quality screening requirements. The RGB camera on the P9 specialises in capturing colour, while the monochrome camera is outstanding at acquiring picture detail. The two rear cameras of the P9 work in tandem to enable users to create images of superior detail, depth and colour. The P9 truly excels in low-light conditions, as the dual-camera design guarantees that more light and detail can be captured.

Each picture taken by the P9 carries the unique emotional resonance and timelessness that are the hallmarks of Leica, as users may choose between three film modes: Standard, Vivid Colors, and Smooth Colors, depending on their personal preferences. With meticulous calibration of the P9’s camera parameters, each film mode faithfully renders the authentic color and style of Leica. By selecting the monochrome mode, P9 users can use their devices as a true monochrome camera to capture powerful and evocative black-and-white images of superior quality.

Deploying Huawei’s Hybrid Focus technology, the P9 captures images with superior speed, accuracy and stability. The P9 supports camera focusing based on three methodologies – laser, depth calculation, and contrast – and automatically selects the one that yields the best result in any given environment.

The wide-aperture photography feature on the P9 allows users to experiment with innovative visual effects to create unique images and content. The P9 makes it easy to adjust the camera aperture to create bokeh and other depth-of-field effects, while keeping the main object in sharp focus.

“Leica and Huawei share an uncompromising commitment to imaging excellence, and our partnership will put outstanding photography into the hands of more consumers around the world,” said Oliver Kaltner, CEO, Leica Camera AG. “We are deepening our collaboration to give users a more optimal smartphone photography experience.”

Taking Industrial Design to a Higher Level

The P9 is a masterpiece of state-of the-art industrial design, with the same minimalist design DNA as earlier products in Huawei’s acclaimed flagship P-series premium smartphones. Each P9 device is a perfect construct of superior-grade 2.5D glass and an aerospace-class aluminium, with diamond-cut edges rounded out by carefully balanced curvatures.

The 64GB version of the P9 comes in a stunning and unique Haze Gold finish, setting new industry standards in industrial design, with the use of techniques including brushed hairlines and metal polishing at micron-level precision to create a translucent metal surface. The 32GB version comes in Mystic Silver, Titanium Grey and Prestige Gold, offering a myriad of choices to consumers.

Power and Performance

The P9 is equipped with the power, connectivity and speed that today’s high-end smartphone user expects from Huawei. With a 5.2-inch 1080p display, the P9 is powered by the new Kirin 955 2.5GHz 64-bit ARM-based processor for class-leading mobile performance. The 3,000mAh high-density battery offers P9 users outstanding mobility and battery life.

Huawei is also unveiling the P9 Plus, featuring a 5.5-inch Press Touch display and a larger 3,400mAh battery. The P9 Plus also offers dual-IC Rapid Charge, giving users six hours of talk time after a 10-minute charge.

Leveraging Huawei’s industry-leading capabilities in telecommunications, the P9 and P9 Plus offer unrivaled new features including a virtual-triple-antenna architecture, designed for users who need robust and seamless connectivity to cellular and Wi-Fi networks to fully harness the power of the mobile Internet no matter where they are in the world.

The P9 and P9 Plus also protect users’ privacy and information security with Huawei’s world-leading biometric fingerprint recognition technology. The enhanced fingerprint sensor allows users to personalize and safeguard their devices by significantly lowering the possibility of fraudulent or accidental device access, while also ensuring users can quickly and securely access their smartphone.

Dedicated After-Sales Care

The Huawei P9 and P9 Plus comes with Huawei HiCare – a first-of-its-kind service specially designed for Huawei’s customers in Singapore. Huawei HiCare offers a suite of premium after-sales services to Huawei customers, as a further commitment from Huawei in unparalleled end-to-end consumer experience. These services include access to the warranty status of your Huawei device via the Huawei HiCare application, 24-month product warranty for your Huawei handsets, as well as hassle-free door-to-door repair pickup and delivery for selected Huawei devices.

All Huawei handsets launched after November 2015 are covered under Huawei HiCare – CLASSIC pack, which entitles the users to;

  • Extended assurance with 24-month warranty
  • Peace-of-mind with three-day repair promise – Users who sent in their phones (under warranty) for repair will be issued a loan phone. If their phone is not repaired within three days, a brand new phone will be given as a replacement.
  • Hassle-free data transfer – All Huawei users can enjoy data transfer service from our friendly staff at the Huawei Customer Service.
  • One-stop convenience with Huawei HiCare App – Huawei users can download the Huawei HiCare app that gives users access to the warranty information of their Huawei device/s. This app also provides a convenient platform for users to feedback to Huawei Customer Service, locate Huawei Service Centres, and find Huawei Hotline numbers.

The Huawei Mate and P-series range of handsets launched after November 2015, with exception of the Huawei P9 Lite, are covered under Huawei HiCare – PRESTIGE pack. This pack offers the full suite of services from Huawei HiCare – CLASSIC pack as well as the following privileges;

  • Hassle-free door-to-door delivery – Users may dial in to Huawei’s after-sale hotline to have your device repaired and delivered back to their preferred pick-up location
  • Free screen replacement – Users may enjoy a one-time free screen replacement within the first year of purchase at no charge.

Huawei handsets covered under Huawei HiCare – PRESTIGE: Mate S, Mate 8, P9 Plus and P9.

Huawei Flagship store and Customer Service Centre is located at Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, #03-78, Singapore 238839, operating from 11a.m. to 8p.m. daily, except Public Holidays.

  • Service Hotline: 800 852 666 (9a.m. – 9p.m., daily)
  • Web Chat:
  • Huawei HiCare App

Pricing and Availability:

Models Version Colours Price
P9 4GB + 64GB (Deluxe version) Haze Gold SGD888
3GB + 32GB Prestige Gold, Titanium Grey and Mystic Silver SGD768
P9 Plus 4GB + 64GB Haze Gold and Quartz Grey SGD998

P9 (Deluxe version) will be available from 12 May 2016 for pre-order at As part of the pre-order & launch special, an exclusive Leica leather phone case is available while stocks last.

P9 (32GB) will be available in Huawei Flagship Store (Plaza Singapura), all telecommunication outlets and selected of the Telecommunication’s Exclusive Partner store. It is also available in selected mobile, computer and electronics stores. Huawei smart cover will be available while stocks last as a launch special.

P9 Plus will be available in Singapore from late June 2016.

*Information courtesy of Huawei Singapore and Ogilvy Public Relations*

LG G2 Smartphone

The LG G2 smartphone is the latest flagship smartphone by LG Electronics, that pushes boundaries, setting a new standard in the smartphone industry and it promises to change the way we smartphone owners use our smartphones. I recently attended a LG G2 mobile photography workshop conducted by fellow photographer friend Aik Beng Chia and the LG G2 was a pretty impressive smartphone! Having played and tested the LG G2 smartphone during the LG G2 mobile phone photography workshop, I will share about it more soon. Meanwhile, here I am to share with you, my friends and readers, information and details on the latest LG G2 smartphone!


“In our pursuit of innovation and perfection, we have always observed, listened to and learned from consumers. LG has embarked on a study of consumer lifestyles and behaviors and that led to the creation of LG G2, the most exciting and ambitious phone in our company’s history yet,” said Mr. Scott Jung, Managing Director, LG Electronics Singapore.

Introduced under LG’s new “G” Series for premium devices, the G2 exemplifies LG’s aim to bring forth more customer-centric innovations, offering a variety of real-life benefits such as an ergonomic design, practical functions and an intuitive user experience.

Intuitive and Refined Rear Key

The LG G2 has revolutionized smartphone designs by placing all the buttons at the rear of the device, making it the first smartphone to be completely devoid of buttons at the sides of the phone. The Rear Key concept was derived when studies found that it was increasingly challenging to properly access the side buttons of a phone as smartphones got bigger. The rear keys give users more control as it is placed where the index fingers will naturally be located when using the phone.

Magnificent, Edge-to-Edge Display

Equipped with a 5.2-inch Full HD display, the LG G2 boasts the largest display designed for one-handed operations in today’s popular 2.7-inch width smartphone category. In addition to the expansive viewing experience, LG’s innovative Dual Routing technology reduces the phone’s bezel to a mere 2.65mm on the side edge, making the phone remarkably light and slim. LG’s proven in-plane switching (IPS) technology also gives the LG G2 superior graphics, accurate colors and clearer images without any distortion.

Best-In-Class Power Capacity

The LG G2 also employs Graphic RAM (GRAM) for greater efficiency in energy usage. GRAM reduces the display’s energy use by up to 26 percent on a still frame and increases overall usage time on the device by approximately 10 percent. This is coupled with a generous 3,000mAh step-designed battery that takes maximum advantage of the phone’s interior space.

Running on the industry’s most advanced mobile chipset, Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 800 Processor, the LG G2 enhances the user experience through stunning performance, rich graphics and outstanding battery efficiency. Through a long-term partnership with Qualcomm, LG is able to deploy the chipset that integrated perfectly with the hardware to offer a powerful and yet stable performance.

OIS and High Resolution Camera for Great Pictures

The LG G2’s in-built camera offers 13 megapixels and Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) technology in a slim design without a protruding lens. The OIS technology prevents blurring, allowing for clearer, brighter and sharper images even when in motion or shooting in dim environment. Other notable features include Super Resolution and Multi-point AF, keeping images in focus, comparable with a standalone point-and-shoot digital camera.

Superior Hi-Fi Audio Sound

As consumers rely more on their smartphones for music enjoyment, superior sound in smartphones is the feature that is lacking in most smartphones in the market. The LG G2 is the first smartphone in the market today to feature 24 bit/192kHz Hi-Fi playback that reproduces studio quality hi-fi sound. Consumers can now hear a level of realism and clarity in sound from a smartphone. Preloaded music from the world famous Vienna Boys’ Choir is also available on all LG G2 smartphones, allowing users to enjoy the incredible sound quality.

Practical, User Centric UX Features

The LG G2 also comes with a number of practical user experience (UX) features that provide the most practical value by focusing on a smartphone’s most popular tasks:

  • Guest Mode — Protects the owner’s privacy by displaying only pre-selected apps when guests access the phone with a secondary unlock pattern
  • Audio Zoom — Enables users to zoom in the sound, as they zoom in the images while video-recording. Not only is the image enlarged, the sound associated with the area is also amplified
  • KnockON — Turns the device on and off by tapping the display twice
  • Answer Me — Automatically answers the call after lowering the ringtone when the phone is raised to one’s ear
  • Plug & Pop — Recommends options or related features to choose from when the earphone or USB cable is detected
  • Slide Aside — Enables easier multitasking by simply “sliding” open apps off to the side using a three-finger swipe
  • QuickRemote — Not only can the LG G2 be used as a remote control for popular LG home entertainment devices, it can also learn from conventional remote controls and can be customized to operate multiple devices with flexible layouts and keys

 Available accessories for the LG G2 include QuickWindowTM, a line of premium cases that allows users to glance at various information displays without having to open the cover flap and Quadbeat earphones. The LG G2 will be available in stores soon.

Key Specifications:

– Processor: 2.26GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 800 featuring quad Krait CPU

– Display: 5.2-inch Full HD IPS (1080 x 1920 pixels / 423 ppi)

– Memory: 32GB RAM: 2GB LPDDR3 800MHz

– Camera: Rear 13.0MP with OIS / Front 2.1MP

– Battery: 3,000mAh

– Operating System: Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2

– Size: 138.5 x 70.9 x 8.9mm

– Colors: Black / White

Pricing and Availability

Recommended Price is SGD $898, available at all telecommunications and authorised dealers from 21st September 2013.

* Photograph and Information Courtesy of LG Electronics Singapore and Strategic Public Relations Pte Ltd *