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Casio announced G-SHOCK in Black Full-Metal Design

Casio announced G-SHOCK in Black Full-Metal Design, the latest addition to its G-SHOCK brand of shock-resistant watches. This is based on the GMW-B5000 watch model, the original full-metal take on the first-ever G-SHOCK watch. This new GMW-B5000MB features an array of detailed finished that come together in a refined black design.

The GMW-B5000MB brings together individual components treated with honing finishes* and multiple polishings in a premium-quality, shock-resistant watch with a uniquely appealing look that makes the most of rich texture and feel.

The entire exterior of the timepiece is honed and treated with black ion plating to deliver matte black sophistication, and additional finishes are applied to individual details. The hairline finish is applied to the side of the bezel and the sides of the band. It retains a metallic texture while tempering the shine. The mirror finish, by contrast, adds a glossy shine to the surface of the screws, buttons, and other details.

Top surface of bezel treated with ?new finishing process

For this latest G-SHOCK GMW-B5000MB-1DR watch, Casio adds a new finishing process as well. After the initial black ion plating, the top surface of the bezel is polished again with a hairline finish to expose most of the stainless steel beneath, with its silver-coloured gleam. The chic and seamless integration of the silvery hue of the stainless steel of the bezel and matte black of the body, complemented by multiple intricate finishes, results in a beautifully detailed, quality design with a one-of-a-kind, sophisticated look.

Functions wise, the GMW-B5000MB-1DR comes with standard radio wave reception and smartphone Link connectivity, which allows the owner to use the G-SHOCK Connected app to maintain precision timekeeping and easily manage alarms, world time, and other settings. The watch also has a handy reminder and phone finder function when it is connected with the app.


Pricing and Availability

The G-SHOCK GMW-B5000MB-1DR will be available at and in G-SHOCK stores in April.

For more information on G-SHOCK GMW-B5000MB-1DR , please visit this link!

Technical Specifications




Water Resistance

200 meters
Radio Frequency 77.5 kHz (DCF77: Germany); 60 kHz (MSF: UK); 60 kHz (WWVB: USA); 40 kHz (JJY: Fukushima, Japan) / 60 kHz (JJY: Kyushu, Japan); 68.5 kHz (BPC: China)

Radio Wave Reception

Automatic reception up to six times a day (except for use in China: up to five times a day)



Bluetooth® low energy

Signal Range

Up to 2 meters (may differ depending on surrounding conditions)

World Time

5 world times selected from 39 cities (39 time zones,* daylight saving on/off) and Coordinated Universal Time, city name display, home time/world time city swapping, auto summer time (DST) switching

* May be updated when connected to a smartphone.


1/100 second (00’00”00 to 59’59”99) / 1 second (1:00’00” to 23:59’59”); measuring capacity: 23:59’59.99″; measuring modes: elapsed time, split time, 1st and 2nd place times

Countdown Timer

Measuring unit: 1 second (maximum 24 hours)


5 daily alarms (with 1 snooze alarm); hourly time signal
Other Functions Smartphone Link functions (World Time: over 300 cities + user-added cities, Auto time adjustment, Easy watch setting, Time & place, Reminder, Phone finder); date/month display swapping; day display (in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian or Russian); full auto-calendar; 12/24-hour format; button operation tone on/off; full auto LED backlight (Super Illuminator and afterglow: 2/4 seconds, fade-in/fade-out afterglow); low battery alert
Power Source Tough Solar power system (solar-charging system)

Continuous Operation

About 22 months with the power-saving function* ON after full charge

* Power-saving after a certain period in a dark location

Size of Case

49.3 × 43.2 × 13.0 mm

Total Weight

Approx. 167g


* A surface finishing technique that involves polishing a surface by spraying it with fine abrasives

** Information and pictures courtesy of G-SHOCK and Brand Cellar **

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