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NETS rolls out card exchange programme for NETS FlashPay Card - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

Network for Electronic Transfers (NETS) announced on 9th January 2024, the roll out of a card exchange programme for NETS FlashPay Card, following LTA’s announcement on the phasing out of its existing card-based ticketing system for adult commuters. NETS FlashPay Card, a stored value card, cannot be used for public transport and users of the card will not be able to top up the card at ticketing machines from 1st June 2024 onwards. For those who haven’t caught up with the news announcement from LTA, if you are still using non SimplyGo EZ-Link adult cards and NETS FlashPay cards, they can no longer be used from 1st June (Check out CNA article for news report)

For NETS FlashPay holders

For NETS FlashPay holders, from 19 January to 18 July 2024, you can visit any of the 44 SimplyGo Ticket Offices (formerly known as TransitLink Ticket Offices) to exchange for a NETS Prepaid Card. The remaining value in the card will be refunded and a free NETS Prepaid Card will be issued to facilitate the commuter’s travel.

Lawrence Chan, Group CEO of NETS said, “We have partnered with TransitLink to offer convenient locations for NETS FlashPay cardholders who wish to exchange their cards for a free NETS Prepaid Card, an account-based card. This exchange programme is in line with LTA’s move towards account-based ticketing to allow commuters to enjoy a seamless transition. Alternatively, they can switch to the NETS contactless ATM card for their transit needs. Cardholders who use NETS FlashPay Card at retail acceptance points or for their motoring needs can still continue to use the card.”

Time to get the NETS PrePaid Card 

Commuters can link their NETS Prepaid Card to the NETS App and top up on the go, view transaction history, get alerts whenever the card is used, set daily spending limits, remotely lock the card if it is misplaced, and trigger a refund process if required. They can also link their NETS Prepaid Card to the SimplyGo App to see their trip details. Besides its transit use case, NETS Prepaid Card can be used by various family members including dependents such as domestic helpers and elderly, as family expenses can be managed and tracked via the NETS App. With over 130,000 NETS acceptance points in Singapore, NETS Prepaid Card also makes an ideal gift card.

NETS FlashPay Card continues to be valid for in-store purchases at NETS acceptance points. Motorists can also continue to use the card or NETS Motoring Card in their current second generation in-vehicle unit (IU) as well as the new on-board unit (OBU) for their parking and ERP payments. The public can identify if they are holding a NETS FlashPay Card, by checking for the NETS FlashPay logo at the bottom right corner of the card face or the back of the card.

Back of NETS FlashPay Card


Front of NETS FlashPay Card

How about the remaining value in my NETS FlashPay Card?

Should the public want a refund on the remaining value in their NETS FlashPay Card, they can do so at SimplyGo Ticket Offices during their operating hours before 18th July 2024 or at local bank ATMs or NETS Customer Service Centre within one year from card expiry.

* Information and pictures courtesy of NETS and Gloo *

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