ViewQwest launched Vesta, smart living platform

ViewQwest recently launched Vesta, smart living platform that provides users with smart living services that are hassle-free and highly personalised. Smart home living solutions are on the rise as more homes start to adopt and implement them. However, setting up smart home living solutions has its own challenges and inconveniences, some home owners might be put off by it. With Vesta smart living platform solution, it is able to provide you with the technology and devices to build and setup your smart living home solution.

At the recent media event held in Singapore, we were introduced to the Vesta smart living platform and the devices that would form their setup. I had been following smart home living solutions technology and developments, it can be challenging and troublesome, trying to bring different brands, products and their technology, to come together and “talk to each other” in your home.

ViewQwest range of devices on their Vesta smart living platform, allows the home owner to setup, monitor their homes (and their offices too). For families with elderly folks that would need more attention, ViewQwest Nanomote device would be a great welcome for them, just in case, something happen and they need help. After hearing various Q&A from different people at the media session, I am keen to see their next phase of development and addition of new IoT devices onto their Vesta smart living platform.

If you are keen on setting up a smart home living solution, do check ViewQwest Vesta smart living solutions. Let me share with you more information below:

Vignesa Moorthy, CEO of ViewQwest said, “More Singaporean homes are keen in smart living solutions, but some are deterred by the inconvenience of setting up devices all on their own. We want to take the tough out of the equation with our subscription-based service model.”

Vesta is a subscription-based service which comes with full-service installation, maintenance and customer support.

ViewQwest’s first service on Vesta is the Vesta Shield, a smart monitoring service which provides round-the-clock monitoring and more importantly, alerts users of intrusions. Various sensors can be set up around the home or office to detect opening of doors and unexpected movements. The data collected is wirelessly transmitted to a central Vesta hub which processes the data and sends meaningful notifications to the user via the Vesta app.

When there are any unexpected events in the home or office while the system is armed, Vesta Shield will automatically send an alert to the user via the app, SMS, or automated call through its intelligent notification engine. Email confirmation may also be provided for every monitored and triggered activity. There is also an option to set the built-in siren within the Vesta Hub to go off and emit a loud, high-pitched noise designed to alert people at home as well as to scare away the intruders.

If the alert notification is not acknowledged within 60 seconds, the armed siren will sound. The system will then automatically call contacts registered in Vesta Shield’s escalation list if the siren is not turned off within 2 minutes. Vesta’s escalation list provides the primary, secondary and tertiary contacts for effective escalation. For example, if the primary contact does not respond and no action has been taken, another call is made to the secondary contact and if the latter also does not respond, then the tertiary contact is contacted.

Future updates to Vesta will also enable the integration of different smart accessories and hardware, allowing users to operate all smart devices through the single Vesta hub.

Singapore’s smart device penetration at home is predicted to grow from 20.6% in 2019 to 36.1% in 20232, as more Singaporean homes are keen in smart living solutions.

Vesta Shield starts from $25 per month and will be available to all new and existing ViewQwest customers.

To complement smart living solutions, ViewQwest is also partnering security specialist Trend Micro to offer the Home Network Security as a subscription-based service starting November 2019. The Home Network Security creates a new and extensive layer of cyber security protection for the home network, protecting Vesta IOT devices as well as the computers, mobile phones and other devices connected to the network.

Vesta Shield Bundles



Full Protect


1 x Vesta Hub

1 x Door/Window Sensor

1 x Nanomote

1 x Vesta Hub

1 x Door/Window Sensor

1 x TriSensor

1 x Nanomote

1 x Vesta Hub

1 x Door/Window Sensor

1 x TriSensor

1 x Nanomote

Max Allowable End Points Monitored



6 and above

Pricing and Availability

From November 2019 to February 2020, ViewQwest will be offering a free trial of the Vesta Shield to existing ViewQwest customers – residential and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Vesta Shield will be available in Q1 2020 in three bundles:

• Starter bundle: S$25/month with $80 activation fee

• Essential bundle: S$30/month

• Full Protect bundle: S$35/month

For full details of the availability and pricing, and to subscribe to the smart living services, please visit:

* Information courtesy of ViewQwest and GLOO PR *


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