Finally, I received my set of Personal Development Books that I ordered during National Achiever Congress 2008, it was by world class trainer Joe Girard !

My three books are –

  1. How to SELL Anything to Anybody
  2. How to SELL Yourself

Moving foward, I would be doing a lot of reading during and in-between timings when I am traveling or resting. It would be read concurrently with “Principle-Centred Leadership” by Stephen R. Covey and I would be sharing with my readers here on the topics that I read, analysed, summarised and applied to myself and mentoring my readers and friends.

In the upcoming months, I would be occupied with my career, businesses, growth, mentoring and physical training. A great challenge and objectives that I set for myself to achieve, I would be planning to sign up for external personal development courses at a later time down the road, currently, I need to grow, expand and breakthrough from the 2 courses that I attended a few months back, National Achiever Congress 2008 and Millionaire Mindset Intensive.

Ultimately, we must seek to learn new experiences, knowledge, skills and things and we cannot stop learning, especially if you are an entrepreneur.

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