Half time for 2008 is over and we are now entering into 2nd Half 2008.

Time flies very fast and before we all know it, time zoom pass us like the speed of light. A mixed 6 months for me, some areas had been growing faster, while other areas had been slower due to the current economic climate and outlook. Nevertheless, it’s a test and challenge for me, like a business cycle, there would always be Ups and Downs.

Therefore, it is important to take stock of different stages in your life/career, reflect and analyse, make changes and continue moving foward and higher, always seeking breakthroughs in whatever I do. There are commitments and goals that I written down and they would be achievable, meaningful and keep up to the promise I set to it, thus allowing me to have “A Break With The Past”, a chapter from “Principle-Centred Leadership” by Stephen R. Covey, my current personal development book that I am reading.

I wish you all folks Best Wishes, Good Health, Success and Happiness ! Let’s all continue our quest to reach our goals and objectives for 2008 and beyond ! Hold on to the Dreams in your heart !

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