Till date, I had completed and finished 4 full marathons, with gradual improvements. For 2009, I am planning to complete at least 2 full marathons, besides that, I am setting time limit targets for my runs in the year 2009 and planning an overseas half marathon to give myself a totally different running experience in other countries.

10km – 55 mins

15km – 90 mins

21km – 2 hrs 

42km – 5 hrs

There is also a need and importance to ensure a more balanced, healthy and fit lifestyle, therefore, I would be coming up with a weekly and monthly plan to ensure there is a balanced sporting lifestyle that incorporates gym, swimming and running. 

It’s time to keep and maintain a balanced, healthy and sporting lifestyle !

2 thoughts on “Goals & Directions 2009 for Sports & Fitness”
  1. you must be really fit man! always read that you are going to do some sports!! I am a lazy fellow for exercise.


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