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Goals & Directions Settings for Blogging 2009

It’s been a year since I started my 2nd blog, that is my personal blog here and it was a big learning curve for me in the art and techniques of blogging and internet marketing.

Looking foward, in conjunction with my photojournalist blog, I am aiming to achieve the following goals for my blogging, to achieve by the end of 2009 :

(a) Page Rank = 6

(b) Alexa Rank = 100,000

(c) Technorati Rank = 100

I am planning to enhance my quality content and topics delivery for my personal blog to higher levels than what I achieved in 2008.

(1) Writing and providing inspiration from top writers in the field of personal development.

(2) Regular Book Chapter Reviews of the books that I read.

(3) Mentoring, Leadership and Personal Development Program for my alumni juniors.

(4) Sharing and linking up with fellow like-minded bloggers around the world.

(5) Encouraging people around me to run/attempt their first full marathon via my marathon, fitness and preparation stories.

(6) Making a difference to the things/surroundings/world around me with my 2 blogs.

How about you ? Have you set your goals and direction settings for your blogging ?

4 thoughts on “Goals & Directions Settings for Blogging 2009

  • PR4 to PR6. Good… Good… I am hoping to get back my PR4 after dropped to PR3. 😛

  • Hi Jayce

    Let’s all work hard to make our Page Rank higher

  • All the best for the new year and to your goals. Seriously love your photography!

  • Hi SG Entrepreneur

    Thanks for your support ! Greatly appreciated !!

    Do drop by my photoblog too !

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