With the completion of my two runs, it seemed that time had flashed passed me very fast, there were businesses, work, administrative and personal matters that had been running in and out of me really quickly and some still not settled.

Well, some recent past news and updates –

  • Attended Queensland Alumni Networking Reception by Queensland Education and Training International at Marina Mandarin on 11th June 2008
  • Attended University of Queensland Alumni networking at Equinox, Swissotel The Stamford on 12th June 2008
  • Won a lucky draw at the University of Queensland Alumni Networking, 2 bottles of wine by The Wine Symphony !
  • Joined University of Queensland Alumni Committee

Future updates and objectives to be completed –

  • Concluding my final two book chapter reviews of Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • Choosing from my range of books for my new book chapter review
  • Writing down my goals and objectives for 2nd half 2008, planning and steps to execute, breakthrough and completion with success and flying colours
  • Training regime for my various medium and long distance runs in 2nd half 2008
  • Personal Financial Review
  • Building, Establishing and Expanding Personal and Corporate Business Accounts
  • How, What and Where to Invest in a Turbulent Market
  • Special Theme Personal Photography Projects
  • Building My Photography Portfolio

The above points would serve as a BIG and CONSTANT reminder that I need to address, planning, execution, progression and completion.


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