It was a lovely morning, good weather and the sun not shining too brightly on us. The PA Passion Run was a carnival with many participants, from different age groups. This year, it added a 15km segment into their running distance categories.

Starting off late, I kicked off another new leg of running, although not as long as a full marathon, it serves as a good training for my half marathon in August 2008, and tone down run from my full marathon on last Sunday. Overall, it felt good, I had a good time running my own race, timing wasn’t that ideal that I wanted to achieve, nevertheless, I set my goal to complete the run and I achieved it.

Got another medal (like a key chain) to my collection, smaller than the marathon and half-marathon medals that I had currently, nevertheless, a new addition to my medals and when I completed more runs, I would take a new photo of them !

Looking foward, more runs to come, maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle, what might I do next ? Triathlon or Biathlon ? Or Desert Run ? …… Pondering the future challenges to push myself further in personal growth and development, achieving bigger breakthroughs in my life.

Reflecting again on myself, it’s not an issue to finish what I started, however, it’s time to bring and raise my performances and results better and higher, now just in my running, but also in my career and other aspects of my life too.

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