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A New White Toy & Reserving Another Toy

On Friday 13th 2008, I finally landed myself with a new white toy. After 6 months of deliberation, finding cheaper prices, discounts, connections to get lower prices and a botched deal, I bought my Apple Macbook 2.1 GHz 13.3 inch 120GB HD laptop. In getting this macbook, I went through some periods of long wait just to find that discount, my friends gave me a hard time that I thoroughly deserved for waiting that long for the macbook instead of getting it earlier. 

It was something that I bought and I was very happy with my new laptop, replacing my previous laptop that served me very well for the past 3 years, and it would be converted into a desktop connecting with my home printers. 

I am very new in Mac OS and I am still learning from the various functions and keyboard shortcuts, currently in the midst of transferring my business, work, personal, photos, programs and other stuff into my macbook. Still a bit lost and trying to get the hang of it. Therefore, some of the functions, workflow and blogging might be a bit slower this week. Would be arranging to learn from Junjie and Zhigang, who are seasoned Apple users.

Moreover, I am going to reserve another new toy, it’s not an orange by the way, it’s coming to a store near me, tentatively and hopefully in October 2008. Keep a lookout for the new toy !

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