Had you ever made a promise to someone ? Did you fulfill it ? Or was it broken ?

If we can’t keep a promise or stick to a commitment, we don’t make it in the first place. Promises are meant to be kept. The ability to keep a promise becomes a very strong part of a person’s personality and reputation and people who keep their promises are most always successful in other parts of their lives.

A promise keeper is a person who means what they said and definitely somebody you can trust. A person who is sincere is someone with the ability to keep a promise.

There are 2 Rules to making a PROMISE –

(1) Force yourself to keep the PROMISE, no matter what it takes.

(2) Think first before making any or future PROMISES.

With these 2 Rules, you would be spared from (1) any embarrassment later, (2) making apologies or excuses, (3) people will know what you mean and say, and (4) your sincere image will shine through.

The 2 words “I Promise” are two of the most powerful words, a promise is a contract and becomes an obligation. The PROMISE is a very powerful force, to sell yourself successfully, in life, in business, marriage, family, friendship and enjoying the life.

A kept promise builds faith and confidence.

A broken promise shatters confidence and breaks a heart.

By keeping a PROMISE, it shines and stands out beautifully.

Now THINK FIRST, make a FIRM PROMISE to yourself right now !!

(Adapted from “How to SELL Yourself”, Chapter TEN: The Power of A Promise, by Joe Girard)

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