Do you recall the times when you were outside in a a place traveling and strangers smile at you, brightening up your day, how did you feel ? How powerful was the Smile ? Was it sensational ? If you go out on a date, when the other party smiles at you (especially ladies with the sweetest and biggest smile and beautiful faces), did you feel the sensation too and returned the big smile too ?

It takes more muscle to frown than to let your face give the smile away. A smile can do wonders in your life, work or sales, it can help to break down barriers too and make your workflow and life easier. A smile can be seen on your face and also across the voice, people can see and feel the power, warmth and sensation of a genuine smile. This is crucial to help problems from appearing later in time.

When you listen to the radio or songs on your media player, can you feel the smile in the voice and songs ? Do you feel wonderful and happy ? Did it bring out a big smile in you ? In a business context, a sincere, warm, genuine and sensational smile at the right place and right time can work miracles for you, to secure the business contract or partnership.

To get the EXtra “Smileage”, follow the 7 points by Joe Girard

(1) Smile when you don’t feel like it

(2) Share only your positive thoughts

(3) Smile with your whole face

(4) Turn the frown upside down

(5) Exercise your sense of humour

(6) Smile outl loud

(7) Don’t say “cheese”, say “I like you”

There had been many efforts to make the world more smiling, with our pace of fast moving life, the beauty and warmth of a smile is slowly diminishing, bringing more frowns and getting more frowns in return. All of us can play a simple exercise,

A BIG SMILE with your warmth, sincerity !

This would allow you to be a happier person and brings out the smile in other person, making your world a better place to work and live in !

Do check out this flickr site “The Happiness Project – Million Smiles That Make My Day

Are you Smiling now ? 🙂

(Adapted from “How to SELL Yourself”, Chapter ELEVEN: The Sensation of a Smile by Joe Girard)

2 thoughts on “How Powerful is a Smile ?”
  1. Dear JH,

    I just came back a few hours ago.

    I choosed the same time back HanWang with prime minister Wen JiaBao. It’s his third time visiting HanWang after the Earthquake.

    HanWang has too much memory to us, yeah, “Lest We Forget”.

    We will smile to the future:)

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