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In the world today, if you belong to the majority of the population, you are programmed to study hard, find a job and work for money. 

Therefore, if you decide TODAY to be DIFFERENT, you will start your journey towards financial freedom and becoming a financial genius and finally financial success. The following 10 Steps would be essential and useful to the journey that you will undertake in your journey to financial freedom – 

  1. Needing A Reason Greater than Reality – You need a strong reason or purpose to achieve what you want in life
  2. The Power to Choose – Choice is something that will give you the power to choose what you want to be and achieve
  3. Choosing Friends Carefully – One must be true to oneself and be willing to not go along with the crowd
  4. Mastering A Formula and Learning A New One – Learning is very important in the journey towards becoming a financial genius and in this fast changing world, it is how fast you learn and adapt that would make the difference
  5. Pay Yourself First – Self-Discipline is a very key component in your financial freedom journey and you would be able to enjoy the better side of life without compromising your financial status
  6. Pay Your Advisers Well – An Independent Financial Consultant equipped with the financial knowledge and expertise is very crucial and very important to help you reach your financial freedom. YOU NEED ONE ! 
  7. Be an “INDIAN GIVER” – The power of getting something for nothing
  8. Assets Buy Luxuries – The Power of FOCUS, making the money work harder for you, instead of you working hard for the money and it will grow to help you buy the luxuries you desire.
  9. The Need for Heroes – Admiring a hero that is close to your heart and being inspired by them, if they can do it, so can you
  10. Teach and You Shall Receive – The Power of Giving, be generous with what you have and the powers will be generous with you

(Adapted from Chapter Nine – Getting Started, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki)

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