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Is Arrogance Destroying You ? - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

Arrogance, defined “The act or habit of arrogating, or making undue claims in an overbearing manner; that species of pride which consists in exorbitant claims of rank, dignity, estimation, or power, or which exalts the worth or importance of the person to an undue degree; proud contempt of others; lordliness; haughtiness; self-assumption; presumption. Closely related to the act of arrogating.” – From Wiktionary 

Folks, do you recall, in your life to date, were there situations whereby you were arrogant towards your loved ones, friends and people around you ? And were there situations whereby you were at the receiving end of arrogant people ? For me, I was in both situations before, looking back, I was once a hot head and arrogant, thinking highly of myself. Over time, when I started to grow older, understanding and learning, I learned to be more humble and have humility, showing graciousness, love and kindness, and sharing my life, knowledge and experiences with people, I slowly became less arrogant, although not totally removed yet ……… 

Arrogance is ego plus ignorance, people used arrogance to hide their ignorance and it is very evident in today’s society, people are arrogant and think they know a lot about their financial literacy, yet they are spending on luxuries now and don’t want to save for their future, their retirement. When people’s thoughts are arrogant, they believe that what they do not know is not important. Arrogance is the 5th obstacle that would stop a person from reaching its financial freedom. 

(Adapted from Chapter Eight – Overcoming Obstacles, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki)

I was once arrogant ……… and I was brought down to Earth and “knocked severely” into my heart, soul and senses during my early days working as an employee for companies before moving into the entrepreneur route, whereby I was “bashed down” even deeper under the ground. Climbing up and rising like a Fire Dragon (that’s my Chinese Zodiac), I still have a lot to learn, change, breakthrough, share and mentor those who wishes to change for themselves, their personal life and their career. 

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