November 2010 has already started and it’s only 2 months to the end of the year 2010. Reflecting back, this was an uneventful yet humbling and personal growth and development year for me. The initial goals and objectives for year 2010 was totally thrown out of the window with my horrific freakish accident that required operation and rehabilitation for 2 months and post recovery for another 2-3 months.

The importance of health and fitness never fail to get the message across to me and with this accident and life experiences, it just got even stronger. This would be my mandate and resolution to share with my friends and readers. The inability to train and participate in physical activities and exercises due to doctor’s restrictions made me felt down and unfit, with the green light recently to return back into physical activities and exercises, it felt really really awesome and it’s a return to my normal lifestyle !

It was also a time to get myself back into the fields of personal development and reading, to handle myself, my challenges and difficulties when I was down and out for about 5 months. This would help myself to recover faster and to help inspire people to strive and get themselves out from the pit bottom and rise up again.

Business development goals and entrepreneurship goals, working on new fields, growing and developing new fields, a new hope and I would share about them soon.

Whenever we faced mountains of difficulties and challenges, I encouraged you to watch the above video. It’s about Love and Determination, overcoming obstacles and difficulties that seemed so daunting.

Let’s all run the final 2 months of 2010 and finish with a big bang with lots of fireworks !

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