2 years ago on 7th April 2020 – Singapore entered Circuit Breaker

Today is 7th April 2022, while it may only be 2 years since 7th April 2020, that day when Singapore entered into Circuit Breaker mode. Do you remember the early period of circuit breaker in Singapore? It was a very difficult time for many of us, the journey in post circuit breaker didn’t get any easier neither did our route to recovery that was supposing to start in 2021.

When Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee spoke on his Facebook Page about circuit breaker taking place 2 years ago today on 7th April 2022, I just realised again that it’s been 2 years (and still counting) since Singapore entered into circuit breaker mode. Have we forgotten about what happened in 2020 or are we too mentally and emotionally fatigued to even want to remember?

Going back in time and looking at that particular day. We went through so much during these 2 years (and still counting) global pandemic COVID-19 situation. What did I write back on that day 2 years ago? Let’s go back in time and have a look:

Begun the Circuit Breaker has in Singapore: https://blog.photojournalist-tgh.tv/photojournalism/begun-the-circuit-breaker-has-in-singapore

Start of Circuit Breaker in Singapore -7th April 2022: https://www.tangenghui.com/personal-stories/start-of-circuit-breaker-in-singapore-7th-april-2020

Today 7th April 2022 is not meant to be a reminder to go in-depth analysing year-on-year since 2020, this is probably more of a reminder to ourselves of what we had gone through since that day in 2020, we have come a long way.

Beyond financial and economic impacts/damages that we measure in dollars and cents, how about the mental, emotional and social impacts/damages? Looking back at my past 2 years, the many ups and downs, from a professional/business basis and personal basis, how my financial and economic downtime took a hit. Beyond all the dollars and cents, my mental, emotional and social situations that took a huge toll on me, that’s for another day, another time to consolidate my stories together over the past 2 years (and still counting), sharing it here in a long story format or maybe another self-published book?

Photography by Ryan Cheng

2 years and still counting, we are not out of the woods yet in our ongoing battle against this global pandemic COVID-19. We are (finally) getting to see light at the end of the tunnel, we are still some time away before we can get back to a more normal life.

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