It’s been a very eventful 5 days of Chinese Lunar New Year 2008 celebrations, have its ups and downs of fun and disappointments. Looking foward to the remaining time of the year left, I am ready to step back to work again and full steam ahead !

There were too many times when the decision to be an entrepreneur was tested and despised by relatives, close friends, people around you and society. The amount of pain and disappointment inside me could not be measured nor shown, however, if my mindset to prove “myself” instead of my “my worth”, no amount of renumeration that came into my life would bring me HAPPINESS – T Harv Eker

Moving foward, my goal settings must always be in-check, visible and written down for me to be constantly conscious of my progress and advancements towards the goals and success that I planned to achieve, in the short, medium and long term.

I had came some way into entrepreneurship and tasted many different and defining changes in my personal life and development. However, there were still changes to be and still could be done and improved, and I am always learning for the better as a person and my career.

Change is very painful but necessary. Probably human beings are too comfort in their comfort zone that they never like changes.

Let’s all reinforce our goal settings and head towards out goals and objectives for Year 2008 and beyond, attaining the success that we personally desired !

4 thoughts on “Back to work !”
  1. Yes, life goes on, “The Show Must Go On” by Queen, thanks for the reality reminder, no matter how tough things can be, we must be tougher than that to overcome it.

    Yeah, I am back in my rat race again !

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