The National Achievers Congress 2008, with the theme, “THE EVOLUTION OF SUCCESS – How to Create More Money, Love & Happiness in Your Life”, many great speakers lined this event.

Blair Sinclair was the first speaker that opened on the first day of National Achiever Congress 2008 with his topic – “Identifying Where You Are on the Five Power Levels of Business, Income and Self and How to Get to the Top Fast!”

Blair’s teachings were on the aspects of selling and sales, something that I could relate to, because of the nature of the industry that I am operating in, somehow or another, the art of sales is really universal and applicable across any types of industry.

There were a few key wise teachings that were sent across to us, firstly, “Learning or Selling Requires Energy and the Person with the Highest Energy Wins“. Further analysing this key sentence, we must apply energy in whatever we do in our life and we can definitely achieve a lot more and win in many different small or big ways. Reflecting on myself, I am guilty of having energy but keeping it away, had to change and improve, unleashing and spreading my energy to everything I do in my life, from work to my daily life routine.

In life, do we all face an inner voice inside all the time, telling us to do whatever opposite when our brain was sending the signals to our mind and body to execute it ? E.g. “Go out and enjoy, leave the work till tomorrow, don’t worry and bother about it“….. Does this sound common ? This little voice is controlling our subconscious mind if we do not master it and tune it to our advantage and use. However, when we are able to control the little voice inside our head, either shut it out or put it to positive mode and encourage our intended actions, thus bringing positive rewards and outcomes to our life and work.

I was affected by my little voice inside me many times especially it would get even worse when people started commenting and judging me. Managing and controlling the little voice inside my head wasn’t easy, it took me a fair bit of time to be more in control of my emotions and ensuring positive thoughts to fill my subconscious mind, thus making work and life easier. It had already been about 2 years plus since I learned something about this simple yet so complex component called the Little Voice (in our brain), and this was how long it took for me to change (slowly over time). Nowadays, still guilty of the little voice controlling me, situation had changed today but still a lot to improve and able to improve on and change for the better.

Blair’s techniques on selling were awesome and at the end of his session, I went to buy his 2 books, SalesDogs and The ABCs of How to build a Business Team That Wins, a CD on Little Voice Management System, also shared with Jack Lan on his other CDs, workbooks and training kit.

Had bought a number of books to read, learn, improve and ready to share with my readers. It’s time to kick start and accelerate my exponential growth in my entrepreneur, businesses, life and income !

“Play to your strength, Be the Person You Are Supposed to Be”

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