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Roger Hamilton’s “Your Life, Your Legacy” – National Achiever’s Congress 2008

Love and Happiness are some of the themes of National Achiever’s Congress 2008 and when the 2nd speaker on Day 1 came up and spoke, he left a very deep impression inside me, stirring the sleeping Dragon Fire inside me. That person is Roger Hamilton.

His topic was “Your Life, Your Legacy”, an entrepreneur guide to finding the flow in human beings, for us to expand and grow in our wealth, financially, spiritually and emotionally.

There were a few key pointers Roger Hamilton brought up during his session, Wealth = Value X Leverage, Wealth Dynamics and the giant and abundant opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region.

With Roger’s success, we were given a video display on how the organisation XL Group founded Roger Hamilton and Dave Rogers, had went on to impact and change people’s life around the world, social entrepreneurship, social enterprise and network, encouraging entrepreneurs around the world to come foward and help fellow their fellow global citizens that might be less fortunate, spreading LOVE to people all around.

Reflecting deep inside me, it struck a chord in me, the idealism and direction moving towards helping people who are less fortunate, counting our blessings in where we are living in, spreading LOVE, warmth and knowledge to people around the world.

What is My Life, My Legacy that I want to leave behind ? To be an entrepreneur with great wealth to help less fortunate people, using my photojournalism to advocate a worthy cause/project.

It’s going to be lots of hard work and a long journey ahead.

2 thoughts on “Roger Hamilton’s “Your Life, Your Legacy” – National Achiever’s Congress 2008

  • It’s great if we can help others, and the best help is give them love, knowledge, means and technology.

    But the power of help depends on how successful we are. and how powerful we are.

    So, yeah, I agree with you:)

  • Thanks for your endorsement and support !

    Let’s all work together, become successful and help, mentor people to be successful too !

    Let our blogs be the driving force for the world !

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