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National Achiever Congress 2008 - Day 2 - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

Day 2 of National Achiever Congress 2008, was excited with the speakers lined up for today. The list of speakers were:

  1. Joel Christopher
  2. T. Harv Eker
  3. Joe Girard
  4. Adam Ginsberg

Similar to Day 1, the speakers were excellent experts in their respective fields of mentoring and personal development and another great day of awesome training, experience, sharing and learning today at the Singapore Expo Hall.

I was blown away by T. Harv Eker, since reading his “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” book and I swore by it ! His speaking and actions liven up the entire hall of participants and everybody was actively involved and participating ! It was not a surprise how this wonderful man had many followers, believers and disciples around the world, mentoring, impacting and changing every aspect of their life. I was motivated and changed by his book and the short session that he delivered across today, the book was transformed and delivered LIVE in front of me.

For the first time, I was dumb struck by a world class personal development speaker who came up to the stage and delivered a world class performance and training to all of us there in Singapore Expo Hall. He was non-other than Joe Girard. He was there not just to teach people how to sell anything to everybody, as well as, motivating all the participants there to be the “ONE and ONLY YOU”……

Joel Christopher and Adam Ginsberg gave a good insight into the different worlds of Internet Marketing, a good learning experience on top of the learning that I went through under Jack Lan Internet Marketing School. Nevertheless, they would definitely add on to my current Internet Marketing Knowledge and gave me the tips and directions to improve and expand my current blogs and their internet marketing.

Although in the late afternoon, I was a bit worn out from a heavy lunch and insufficient rest the night before, it was a bit difficult to concentrate and got distracted by other matters outside. Must remember my lesson to manage the little voice inside my brain that was turning me into a bad person.

2 days of great lessons and learning, in the subsequent posts on my blogs ……  From my notes, diagrams and thoughts written down ……. I would share more in details with each respective speaker’s topic and how I could learn, change and improve on it, as well as, sharing and motivating my fellow readers interested in personal development and changes to their life.

Taking the next step upwards to change and improve from my current level and previous levels. Thereafter, to share and help other people, and always changing and improving to the next level.

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