In the wake of modernisation and economic growth in the world today, look around us, how much had things especially our environment changed ?

During my scouting days, I was exposed to the outdoors and loved my experiences, camping, hiking etc etc….. When I went over to Australia, for my tertiary studies, the beauty of the flora and fauna was absolutely amazing. Over many different years, traveling to many different countries, it dawned upon me that, we, as a global citizens, must act and create actions to prevent the destruction of our Mother Earth.

  1. I chanced upon Earth Day 2008 from a fellow blogger in the Blog Catalog Community, inviting me to join and submit Earth Day contributions – Earth Day Poems – Earth Day Poetry. I found it very interesting, therefore, I decided to research further into the Earth Day, on their history, events, festivals and education resources.

Researching further, Singapore is also celebrating Earth Day 2008 festival with

  1. Champions of the Earth Reward Ceremony – Singapore
  2. Celebrate Earth Day at Yishun Park

Let us all, come together and make the world a better home for us and for our future.

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